A Day in the Life of ZOE Child Rescue

Our Child Rescue team is amazing. This team works 100 miles an hour and then some. 

There is no real way to explain all that they do but here is a glimpse into their world.

On any given day several appointments will come up for the children in our care. These are newly rescued children and it is “heart” work along with the practical needs that sews love and healing into these precious children. These could be doctor visits, trips to the hospital, court depositions, and visits with their families. All the while, our ZOE team is right there with them…loving them, listening, counseling, wiping their tears, and pouring God’s love into these precious hearts.

At the same time, our team continues to support and assist the government and police with investigative support. This involves long hours of field work with law enforcement, all with the goal of rescuing more children. They push hard because they know what is at stake and they do it with joy and zeal. They are truly outstanding individuals and an effective team.

Your partnership, prayers, and support allows our ZOE team make a difference.

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