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A Survivor’s Story: Peace

When I was little, I remember one day a Christian family invited us to go to church. We went, and I loved it, but my father did not want me to believe in God so he prohibited me from going back again.

When I was rescued and came to live at ZOE, I was amazed to hear about God for a second time.

I prayed that I would be able to see my family again one day, but I began feeling angry with God that my prayer was not being answered. I also started to doubt if God was even real.

After some time of feeling angry, about my prayer not being answered, a lady came to tell me that she could take me to go visit my siblings. I was so excited but I felt guilty for getting angry at God.

At ZOE, I continue to learn more about God, and read the Bible. When I have problems or questions, God answers me through the words that I read.

I praise God that he gives me the patience that I need to be at ZOE at this time. I know that God is in control of everything. When I surrender my family to God, peace returns to my heart again. Stress and worries about my family are no longer obstacles for me in daily life as I learn to trust in Him.

Published by: Andrea Cross in Child Trafficking Restoration

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