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Going South East

ZOE recently sent a team to the southeast region of Thailand. The purpose was two-fold. We were there to bring food boxes to communities and to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Our team ran 3 outreaches over the course of the week and reached more than 700 students. Children and communities in this area are especially at high risk and they had the opportunity to learn about the dangers and schemes of human traffickers. These were the first prevention outreaches that ZOE has done in Ubon, Thailand.

We continue to expand our work in our fight to end human trafficking. Our prevention team leader shared his thoughts on the future of work in Ubon. He said, “I hope we’ll have more opportunities to do outreaches there. There are so many children at risk.” They also used the time on ground to build relationships with officials and other organizations with the future in mind.

While our team was there, they were able to witness first hand how much the area was affected by the flooding. News articles say it’s the worst the area has seen in 17 years. Our Mercy Network team was able to support and help pastors that we partner with to supply food and necessities to those affected. One team member shared how seeing where people were living because of the flooding was quite difficult. But “knowing that the pastors we partner with were going to bring food boxes to these locations to help people…this is what impacted me the most on this trip.”

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