ZOE Mexico Team Educates Pastors and NGOs About Child Trafficking

Like most countries, many of Mexico’s citizens have never heard of human trafficking. ZOE Mexico is working on innovative ways to educate its citizens about human trafficking. Currently, the team is focusing on speaking with pastors and their churches who are hungry to know how they can help.

Our ZOE Mexico team has also met with several government departments about what steps we can take to inform the public and educate communities about child trafficking, especially the most vulnerable areas. The government recently launched a campaign to bring awareness to human trafficking. Our team is also working with other NGOs to communicate about the problem and dangers to those they serve.

What is Fueling Child Trafficking in Mexico?

  1. Organized crime and greedy opportunists recruit children with force, fraud, or coercion for labor and sex.
  2. Poverty fuels child trafficking – most families do not understand where their children end up; they want to believe the trafficker. They believe their child is safe, going to school, or working a job for a better future.

“We met a mother on the streets with two of her small children involved in high-risk behavior,” said Mauricio Ruiz, Mexico Director.

“Our team encouraged her to allow her children to attend school to get them off the streets. She finally agreed, and the two children are signed up to attend “E Kids School,” a Christian school for at-risk children. These children will receive more than just a great education. They will receive delicious meals and all of their immediate needs met in a safe and loving environment. They will also have an opportunity to hear about Jesus!”

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Hello. I am a journalist based in Japan. Japan has a very poor stance on combating human trafficking and as such, has become a topic of interest for independent media outlets. Recently we have been reporting on various organisations that help to create awareness and combat Human Trafficking, and in doing so, we came across the works of ZOE. Currently I am tasked with seeking information on upcoming protests and lobbying by such organisations and would greatly appreciate any information you could supply me, regarding upcoming protest or lobbying etc.
King regards
Yuto Horigome

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