Orphaned at 8 – First Child Rescued by ZOE

*Kulap experienced loss and trauma at a very young age. Most of her immediate family, including her parents, older brother and sister, and grandparents, died when she was young.

“I remember as a young child feeling so alone, and I missed my parents very much,” said Kulap. “I was very afraid all the time and had no self-confidence,” said Kulap. 

The one family member that was still alive was her aunt. She took care of Kulap but became mentally ill because of all the loved ones in the family whom she had lost. “She was absent-minded and could not care for herself,” said Kulap. “Every time I returned to the village, I would shower her and cut her hair and nails for her.” Young Kulap was highly at risk of being sold into trafficking.

Kulap was 8-years-old when she came to live at ZOE Children’s Home in Thailand. ZOE parents and missionaries made a significant impact on her life. “They worked so hard and devoted their lives to us,” shared Kulap. “They served tirelessly and instilled in me faithfulness and integrity.” Currently, Kulap is working at a jewelry exporting company where she must work with the highest level of honesty and integrity. Learning the value of integrity at a young age has helped Kulap keep her job while many of her coworkers were terminated because of their dishonesty. Kulap added, “I was also taught the value of humility by ZOE, which has helped me work well with others in my job.”

Kulap is now 27-years-old. As she has grown up and matured, she has overcome the fears she once had at an early age. “I am kind of proud of myself,” said Kulap. “I also have more self-confidence. I still cry sometimes, but I can work with various people in my current job. I am much better than when I was a child. I am very happy that ZOE continues to help more children who are in the same situation as I was. If there is no ZOE, many children living in the dark, hopeless world might not know how they will continue to live. ZOE taught me to walk on the right path. They always protect me, walk alongside me, love me, and keep me comforted. They gave me what was lacking in my life. ZOE trained me to grow up and become a quality leader. ZOE is a place that provides love and safety. It is a place that trains and teaches children like their own children. ZOE is a place that gives hope and a future. I pray that ZOE will receive abundant blessings and not lack anything. I pray for blessings over the staff and missionaries that are serving there now and in the future. I pray they will all be strengthened by God and He will continue pouring out blessings upon them.”

*Pseudonym: ZOE protects the identity and dignity of children and does not show trafficked children. Kulap permitted us to share her story to honor what God has done in her life while being under ZOE’s care.

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