Your Impact: Bringing Healing and Hope to ZOE’s Youth!


Thank You for Giving the Gifts of Healing and Hope to Our ZOE Youth!

Since its opening in August 2021, ZOE has served youth at our Acton, California home. ZHY is a safe haven for the girls we come alongside and serve, and you are part of their healing journey through your prayers and support! Located on a 50-acre property in North Los Angeles County, ZHY is a state-licensed short-term residential therapeutic program for girls 12-17 years old who are survivors of labor and sex trafficking.
The girls living at ZHY frequently comment about the ZHY staff. One of them shared, “I know that the staff really cares about me.” The ZHY staff could be doing any other job, but they are passionate about these youth and want to see them win.

Recently, ZOE’s Assistant Western USA Regional Director, Ester Yu, shared an update about the youth living at ZHY.

“The population that ZOE serves at ZHY has the highest level of needs for children in the care of the County’s child welfare system,” shared Ester. “Most have experienced the effects of trauma from domestic violence, substance abuse, being sold for sex or labor, sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, and more.

Since we opened the home in August 2021, we’ve seen encouraging success and restoration with the youth living at ZHY.

Overall, all the youth have improved healthy self-awareness, which has led to an understanding of their strengths, needs, and trauma reminders. Daily youth are learning to love themselves as they receive encouragement and love from the ZOE staff. Additionally, all youth living at the home have increased their capacity to regulate their emotions and develop new coping skills to navigate their trigger reminders successfully. Other youth are working on getting their IDs, driving permits, interviewing for housing after they turn 18 years old, and applying for jobs.

The ZHY staff work every day to show the youth what it means to have healthy relationships. They truly desire the best for themselves and their future.

Please continue to pray for our ZOE staff and the youth we serve at ZHY.