ZOE’s Home for Youth to Expand Its Restoration Services to Provide Mental Health for Youth Living in the Home


The issue of child trafficking in Los Angeles demands comprehensive, well-informed, compassionate, evidence-based solutions. Multiple experts have reported that youth who need healing from the trauma of being exploited and trafficked requires caring and flexible service providers who will tailor services to meet their individual needs.

The counseling room at ZHY is pictured above. When youth arrive at ZHY, they receive a comprehensive care plan that includes mental health services, if needed.

At ZOE, we’ve found love and flexible support to be absolutely essential to the healing process. The prevalence of child trafficking in our nation is deeply troubling. The harm to vulnerable youth is tragic. Through years of collaborative work in Thailand and the U.S., we’ve learned that children can experience safety, hope, and lasting restoration.

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Many youths who are in our care at ZHY have experienced severe forms of trauma and have engaged in harmful activities to numb themselves and cope with their pain and stress. Having a mental health team on-site at ZHY allows timely crisis intervention to reduce the risk of harm.

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