Empowering Children: Your Contribution Brings ZOE Australia’s Innovative ‘Treehouse Game’ to Life

One of ZOE’s primary strategic focus lies in the prevention of human trafficking. The organization is committed to community education, involving the identification of at-risk children, empowering advocates to safeguard their communities, and collaborating to formulate sustainable solutions to eradicate child trafficking.

This year, the dedicated team at ZOE Australia crafted an engaging and interactive prevention tool called

the Treehouse game that educators, social workers, and other professionals dedicated to supporting vulnerable children across Australia can use to teach children how to protect themselves from harm.

Unlike competitive games, the purpose of this game is to facilitate the development of strategies that may aid children in identifying safe individuals and environments, ultimately safeguarding them from harm. Participants are challenged to reach their designated safe haven while also identifying three reliable individuals along the journey.

In safeguarding children who have endured neglect or abuse, we firmly believe that additional strategies are essential to pinpointing trustworthy individuals and secure environments in their lives. As responsible adults, it is our duty to ensure children are shielded from harm and abuse. Equally important is equipping them with the knowledge and skills to recognize, respond to, and report unsafe situations and behavior. It is vital to understand that neglect, abuse, and exploitation are never a child’s fault.

At present, our team is in the initial stages of piloting this innovative prevention tool. The game, along with its accompanying activities and lessons, are currently undergoing thorough trials.