ZOE International Joins Hands with Donors to Combat Child Trafficking Through Church Partnerships

Saturday, May 27 – Kurume Shalom Church

At ZOE International, we believe that the Body of Christ brings the solutions to every crisis on Earth. Our work spans various countries, and our invaluable church partnerships are at the heart of it all. Together, we labor to spread the gospel and safeguard the vulnerable from the clutches of child trafficking while tirelessly working toward the restoration of those who have endured its horrors.

Sunday, May 28 – Fukuoka Harvest Church

Recently, the dedicated members of ZOE Japan were graciously welcomed to Machida Central Church’s international service, where they shared ZOE’s mission. Daniel and Hiromi eloquently shed light on the distressing trends of child trafficking and provided a perspective rooted in scripture. They emphasized that God hates slavery and beckons us to champion righteousness and be the unwavering voice for those who have been silenced.

The journey continued with visits to Mustard Seed Christian Church, Kurume Shalom Church, and Fukuoka Harvest Church in Kyushu. We extend our deepest gratitude to New Hope Leeward Hawaii for their unyielding partnership and for introducing our team to other churches in Kyushu. We sincerely hope that the seeds sown during these encounters will ignite like wildfire, fortifying the next generation against the deceitful clutches of traffickers. Together, we forge ahead, unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding the vulnerable and proclaiming the message of hope and liberation.