Your Prayers at Work: Witnessing Miracles in Oaxaca, Mexico with ZOE’s Prayer Team

The Unforgettable Moment That Changed Everything

For more than a year, ZOE Mexico has been joining a small prayer team from different churches in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico to pray together. Every Sunday, early in the morning, the ZOE team comes together to pray in the main square of the capital, called the Zocalo. The team prays for churches, broken families, and vulnerable children in their community, their government, and above all, that Jesus will be known in their city, country, and the entire world. Recently, the team came together to pray. On that morning their prayer was

“Although we do not have the power right now to free children/people from trafficking ourselves, Jesus does have the power, He has the power and hears their cries and can bring freedom.”

After their prayer and worship time, a couple approached the group. The man had a very tough and mysterious appearance and the woman was dressed provocatively.

“We asked if we could pray for them, and suddenly the man burst into deep tears and fell to the ground, crying,” said the ZOE staff. Embarrassed, he went to go sit on a bench nearby and the team continued praying for the woman.

Afterwards, the man approached the Pastor that was with them and ZOE Regional Director’s husband and told them that he was tired of the life he was living. When the man heard them pray and sing, he felt that they had to come closer (the presence of God was felt so clear to them) and said to the woman that they needed to go to the group.

That morning the man said he was taking the woman to a hotel for a client because he was her trafficker. Pastor Fernando invited him to his church, the man accepted Christ, and was determined to leave his old life.