A Sanctuary for the Orphan: How ZOE’s Home in Thailand Became a Beacon of Hope

Recently, we learned of a child who had witnessed unimaginable trauma at a tender age and found themselves orphaned and in the spotlight of the news, with no one to turn to. 

Our dedicated ZOE staff, deeply moved by this heart-wrenching story, earnestly considered bringing this child into the loving embrace of our ZOE Children’s Home in Thailand.

As we were planning the logistics and preparing for the child’s possible arrival, a twist of events occurred. The government, initially reported to have located the child’s family, had deemed them unfit and unsafe for the child’s well-being. 

Although we were initially disheartened by the initial turn of events, we were soon contacted by the government with the miraculous news that they intended to send this precious child to our ZOE Children’s Home!

It was a moment of profound gratitude and praise, as we realized that God had impeccably prepared ZOE Children’s Home to be a sanctuary for this particular child as they found solace, safety, and the love of God within the walls of our ZOE Children’s Home. 

Your faithful support and prayers have been instrumental in creating a Home and environment where children like this one can find refuge, healing, and a second chance at a brighter future! Thank you for standing with us in our mission to make a lasting impact in the lives of these vulnerable children.