Teen Girls are Thriving at ZOE’s Home for Youth in Los Angeles!


At ZOE, we’re dedicated to nurturing the interests and talents of the youth in our care. When they arrive at our home, often after experiencing unimaginable hardships, we strive to create a safe and stable environment where they can begin to explore their passions.

Recently, one of the youth at our ZOE Los Angeles home shared her interest in mechanics. Thanks to our partnerships with a community partner, a local church, and a nearby business, she is embarking on a paid internship at an auto body shop this week!

This opportunity not only provides practical skills but also instills hope and a clear vision for her future. Your support makes life-changing moments like these possible. Thank you for being a part of our mission to empower and uplift these resilient young individuals!


Want to get involved? We’re looking for business owners with unique careers who are willing to provide internships for the girls at the ZOE Home for Youth in Los Angeles! Contact Ester Yu.

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