A Journey of Faith: Carlos’ Encounter with the Gospel at a ZOE Mexico Event Before His Passing

Recently, our ZOE Mexico team encountered a heartwarming story that unfolded at the Feliz Cumpleaños Jesús (Happy Birthday Jesus) festival in Cholula Puebla, Mexico. Carlos, around 60-years-old, attended the event and heard the profound message of salvation, which deeply resonated with him.

Two weeks later, one of the festival organizers received a call of gratitude, audio recordings, and a photograph of Carlos in the hospital from his son. 

Carlos’s son, shared the news that his father had passed away. He had checked his cell phone and found videos of the Happy Birthday Jesus Festival and an audio message for one of his close relatives that said:

“Look, I am listening to some prayers at a festival that I was invited to yesterday. I was angry, but it is the Lord Jesus Christ who is calling me, and now I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings.”

Carlos had found solace and embraced Jesus Christ as his Savior before his death. His family expressed immense gratitude, knowing that Carlos had heard the Word of God days before he died, and recognized Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

A ZOE Mexico staff member shared, “This message encouraged us to continue reaching people for Jesus, because that man heard and received the love of Jesus at the Christmas festival.”

This powerful testimony inspired the team to continue their mission of spreading the love of Jesus. One exclaimed, “Let’s empty hell of the souls that still need to hear from Christ until the end of the world.”

Carlos’s encounter at the festival serves as a reminder of the transformative power of your prayers, and the importance of sharing the gospel worldwide! 

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