Bringing Hope and Resources to Trafficking Survivors during Operation Reclaim and Rebuild

Alexis is a ZOE advocate who recently had her first experience working with ZOE International’s Reclaim and Rebuild program. As part of the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, ZOE partners with law enforcement, social workers, and other government and community agencies to help recover children from human trafficking and provide ongoing support to the children and families.

While she typically works with minors who are being exploited, this was her first time interacting with adult women engaged in commercial sex work out of financial necessity.

Alexis went into the experience a bit nervous, unsure of what to expect. What she encountered was a stark reality – the vast majority of the women she met were doing this work not by choice, but simply to meet their basic needs and provide for their children. Many were young single mothers in desperate circumstances.

“It was so heartbreaking to see the desperation,” Alexis shared. “There’s just this big need out there.” Alexis was struck by how many women politely declined the offers of help and services, likely feeling there was no other choice available to them at that moment.

However, Alexis found working with the Reclaim and Rebuild program refreshing because ZOE aimed to provide immediate support and safety. Building a rapport and trust with the women, Alexis could directly ask them, “Are you safe? Do you need help right now? We can get you to a hotel tonight if you’re in danger.”

While most of the women declined assistance that night, Alexis was able to connect with one woman who seemed open to sharing and receiving help in the future. She provided her work contact information, hoping to build trust and offer support whenever that woman feels ready to pursue other options.

Alexis’ passion for this work stems from her love for people and desire to help. “I love supporting and having the opportunity to work in this field and provide some kind of support and help for these kids, just to love them…being able to share their stories and be a part of their life journey has just been a huge blessing.”

Alexis’ experience reinforced the importance of ZOE’s work to urgently address the vulnerabilities that traffickers exploit. Her compassion and persistence represent rays of Christ’s love and hope piercing through exploitation’s darkness. Every small connection plants seeds that can ultimately lead survivors toward freedom.

Right now, there are young girls trapped and in need of being rescued from traffickers. They thirst to experience “true love” that only comes from Jesus. 

Your prayers and financial support ZOE’s work in the following ways: 

  • The identification, rescue, and protection of child victims of human trafficking
  • The collaboration in rescue alongside Government and Law Enforcement
  • The assistance of child victims of human trafficking during the prosecution and citizenship process

Thank you for reaching and rescuing those in need for God’s kingdom today!

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