Shoes of Hope: ZOE Mexico’s “Sígueme” (Follow Me) Campaign Leads Children to Christ

Recently, the ZOE Mexico team celebrated Children’s Day in an incredibly meaningful way. Back in 1954, the Mexican government decided to set aside April 30th as “Día del Niño” or Children’s Day. The idea was to honor kids and promote their wellbeing across the country.

Thanks to the generous support of one of our partners, ZOE Mexico was able to purchase and distribute new shoes to hundreds of children in need.

More than just providing footwear, this “Sígueme” (Follow Me) shoe campaign carried a powerful spiritual message inspired by Jesus’s words to His disciples. As the children received their new shoes, local church leaders encouraged them to “follow” in Christ’s footsteps. The shoes represent the journey of following Jesus and being reminded that He hears and cares for even the littlest ones.

What made this outreach so impactful was that it combined our missions of evangelism and child trafficking prevention. The participating churches didn’t just hand out shoes – they committed to continued mentorship and ministry to these children after the event. By building relationships and providing Christ-centered guidance, we hope to keep these young lives on a path towards knowing Jesus’s endless love while protecting them from exploitation.

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