Great Day!

November 8, 2019

It’s harvest time!

Today was a great day!  Why? Because the self-sustaining agricultural team spent the entire morning along with some of our child care staff picking a bunch of different produce items. Needless to say, our kitchen was excited, because you can’t get any fresher produce than the organic vegetables we grow!

We harvested just under 40 pounds of chili! (It’s a good thing our family LOVES SPICY FOOD!) Then we picked about 198 pounds of cucumbers! We cut down about 40 pounds of morning glory (a leafy green vegetable). Finally, we got over 187 pounds of corn.

40 pounds of chili
187 pounds of corn
198 pounds of cucumbers

To top it off, some generous neighbors gave ZOE 112 pounds of peanuts just harvested right out of the ground! Our kids LOVE peanuts and now we have fresh peanuts for snacking!

That was the harvest for this week. Last week, we only harvested corn. But there was so much corn, that the ZOE family actually started getting tired of eating corn almost every day! Fortunately, we have a pig farm and any corn we don’t eat, our pigs will! 

Before the Rainy Season Comes…

May 11, 2016

There is a LOT of work that needs to happen around ZOE before the heavy rains hit Thailand. The rains typically come in late May to mid June, so right now we are hard at work prepping for the life-giving rain that hits Northern Thailand. Since we are in the middle of a drought, it […]

Life is a Highway: Camp at ZOE Children’s Homes

April 25, 2016

Camp at ZOE Children’s Homes   Every April and October at ZOE Children’s Homes in Thailand, we put on two camps simultaneously: one for the teens and one for the children. When camp rolls around at ZOE International, we go all out! In April, these camps last two weeks and it is a crazy, happy […]

Strange Light at ZOE

April 4, 2016

Agriculture in Thailand A few weeks ago, ZOE was treated to a spectacular light show that lasted two nights. What caused this? Below is a picture of the same shot during the day. This was taken at the bottom of the ZOE property showing the large fire burning in the background!