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A Happy Heart

November 29, 2011

A Happy Heart It is very traditional in Thailand for young boys to spend several weeks or months as a monk apprentice as the local temple. They will shave their head, beg for alms, and study Buddhism. After the prescribed time, the boys will return to their homes and resume their normal lives.   So […]

Keeping Culture Alive: Part of ZOE’s Fabric

July 12, 2011

Keeping Culture Alive: Part of ZOE’s Fabric   The Karen people have been weaving beautiful fabric for hundreds of years. They cultivate cotton and from the harvest they spin their own thread.  To create the many vibrant colors on display in any Karen village, the women explore the nearby jungles and forests for a variety […]

Child-Begging Ring: Snapshot

May 5, 2011

  Child-Begging Ring: Snapshot Not only does ZOE combat child trafficking by rescuing children before and after they are sold into commercial and sexual exploitation, but we also combat another heinous form of trafficking and child exploitation Did you know that begging is a widespread problem in Thailand? Begging rings are extremely lucrative for the […]

Smell the Garlic!

March 30, 2011

  Self-Sufficient Living: Garlic At ZOE International, we really like garlic. Seriously. We love the stuff! Returning from a recent shopping excursion, our staff unloaded 1,500 kilos of the pungent bulbs. (That’s 3,300 pounds or 1.65 tons!) Either they ran into one heck of a garlic salesman or our staff has big plans for garlic! […]

Full Circle Success

January 5, 2011

Child Trafficking Story: Nung Reunites With Mom Our heart at ZOE International is for our children. We are always considering what is best for each individual child. Sometimes, what is best for a child brings an ache to our heart even as we celebrate another success story. Nung came to ZOE when he was eight […]