Letting Go of the Lies: Clinical Care at ZOE

September 14, 2015

Clinical Care for Child Trafficking Survivors If you have ever visited ZOE Children’s Home in Thailand, it is easy to quickly forget the deeply tragic pasts masked behind the many smiling faces of our children. As you spend time with the kids, you would never suspect the great pain they have endured in their short […]

My Generation, My Fight

July 22, 2015

Help End Modern Day Slavery With ZOE We love the term ”My Generation, My Fight” because it tells us that we have a responsibility to fight for what is right in our generation. It affects everyone and not just the new, younger generations. No matter which generation you were born in or where you were […]

A Classic Case of Human Trafficking

July 20, 2015

Human Trafficking Story It’s a textbook case of human trafficking: deception, a network of handlers, border crossing, imprisonment, forced labor, debt servitude, threats, and abuse. Five daughters shared a one-room house with their parents. Things were tight. A woman from another village visited numerous times to persuade the family to send the 15-year-old girl to […]

Why ZOE? A Personal Story

July 15, 2015

Why I Support ZOE Guest post by Gerald Tanaka, ZOE supporter I love ZOE! Why? I have been associated with many non-profit organizations and their worthwhile activities, but the one that stands out and I have a love and passion for is ZOE International. They are involved in the fight to stop human trafficking through […]

Growing Up… Means Going Out

July 13, 2015

Transitional Home for ZOE Young Adults As our ZOE children are growing up, we realize the need for them to have a safe place to go once they are ready to leave the Children’s Home, but aren’t quite ready to be completely on their own. Young adults, no matter what country they live in, need […]

Offering a Home and a Hope

June 15, 2015

Love in the ZOE Home A child: nameless, homeless, hopeless, and alone. Her captors taught her that she was only as good as the services she could provide. Even if she met expectations, she was told that she would never be worth anything. Her ears rang with the lies: No one will ever care about […]

Every Child Deserves A Loving Family

May 27, 2015

The ZOE Family Restores Lives of Child Trafficking Victims All of our children come to ZOE International from lives filled with neglect; some are orphans and most of them have been abused. To help restore the lives of child trafficking victims, ZOE provides a long-term loving family specifically trained to bring rehabilitation and complete healing […]

Celebrating “Mama” Vickie

May 13, 2015

About Mama Vickie Many of you know that Vickie McCoy is ZOE’s first stateside missionary. In 2013, after years of sharing her time and talent with ZOE, she left her job of over 20 years to begin serving here full-time. As she was preparing to make this major life change, she shared with coworkers that […]

Honoring Moms

May 6, 2015

Children Trust Their ZOE Mothers While the ZOE kids have been on break from school, they have been able to participate in many activities like camp and special outings. One of the most important of these events, however, is Family Week; and at ZOE, mothers are the glue of the families. ZOE is not like […]

Reaching Your Generation

April 16, 2015

At ZOE International, we have adopted some values that undermine everything we do: passion, excellence, gratitude, love, humility, integrity, and unity. We highly value people who have these same values and are passionate about people and the fight to end modern day slavery. Our friends at The Underground Church and Word in Motion Dance Company […]

To Trust or Not…

February 26, 2015

  Building Trust With Child Trafficking Victims Written by Amanda Degler, Missionary in Thailand Every child who comes to ZOE International has a different story. Some come from begging rings, some are orphans with no one to care for them, some come from brothels where they have been used and others come from abusive homes. While […]

CARE 18 LA: Collaborating to End Child Trafficking in Los Angeles

February 19, 2015

CARE 18 LA: Collaborating to End Child Trafficking in Los Angeles For the last several months, ZOE has been privileged to be a part of a collaborative and strategic effort to combat child trafficking here in the Los Angeles area. The collaboration is called CARE 18 LA. Members include representatives from churches, businesses, nonprofit organizations, […]