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Seeing Changes of Character
“Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of
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Supporting Local Pastors
Through our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund, we partner with Thai pastors to help them to reach their communities with
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Instant Gratification & the Dangers of It
“A nice hot cup of tea would be nice,” I thought the other day while at work. Rather than going
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Little Kids Go to the ZOO
If you’re old like me, you might remember that Peter, Paul, and Mary song, “Going to the Zoo.” Daddy's takin'
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Newly Rescued Teen Girls Cry Being Able to Make Their Own Choices
By Ben Wood, Field Worker, Thailand One day I was at the Child Rescue Center (CRC) for a meeting. Two
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Empowering Youth Who Can’t Read
Can you imagine working in a coffee shop or restaurant and relying purely on your memory for every order?   What
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Everlasting Love
By Oratai Saisingtong, ZOE Thailand Director It’s a ZOE tradition now that every New Year's eve, each person picks out
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Australia – Awareness
As we share about human trafficking awareness this month, we realise that many people may have false ideas or misconceptions
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Theory to Practice
By Brandon Kim, Vocational Training Manager As the goal of our vocational training program, we often talk about moving from
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