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New Hope, New Life, New Year
As we look towards 2019, ZOE is a place where beautiful stories of rescue, hope, life, and love can easily
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Celebrating Family
By David Cross I think one of my fondest memories of Christmas Day came a few years ago when our
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Breakdown or Breakthrough?
By Andrea Cross ZOE Thailand Not long ago, half of ZOE’s adult Ministry School students were invited to help at
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What’s in a Name?
By Andrea Cross Many children who come to ZOE’s Child Rescue Center do not have the correct documentation or citizenship
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Better to Give than to Receive
By Abigail Jennerson You may be wondering what handmade Christmas cards, fried banana chips, crafted jewelry, car washing, and a
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How ZOE Is Rescuing Every Child
by Lori-Ann Tsang Sometimes, the best things we do in life are the things we do proactively.  Especially, when we
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From Short Term Missions to ZOE Walk
By Lori-Ann Tsang In August and January of each year, ZOE Thailand has the privilege of hosting our joint short-term teams.
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I Can Wash These Clothes
by Andrea Cross As my family and I left Thailand to travel to Australia this past July, I realized that
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What’s In a Diagnosis?
By Jessicah Ray, PA-C Why is a diagnosis of human trafficking important? Human trafficking is internationally recognized as a public
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