Bug Swatting

May 29, 2011

Bug Swatting It could almost be a national sport! Walking around the children’s home, you often hear the sound…. “Swoosh…. ZAP!”   As you turn your head in the direction the noise came from, you see the remnants of a fried mosquito or other such creature fall slowly to the ground. The device used to “fry” […]

ZOE Child Rescue: Not Just the Numbers

May 23, 2011

ZOE Child Rescue: Not Just the Numbers One question that we are often asked is: How many children will ZOE rescue? It’s easy to assume, “The more children we rescue, the better we are doing our job.†But unfortunately, the reality of human trafficking is that the “statistics†are stacked heavily against everyone who is […]

ZOE Child Writes About Her Dreams

May 12, 2011

ZOE Child Writes About Her Dreams I am very happy living at ZOE.  The first day that I came, I felt like it was a miracle that I had a new life because ZOE had everything for me:  clothes, food, soap and beautiful shoes. Everybody welcomed me warmly. At that time my heart was beating […]

Child-Begging Ring: Snapshot

May 5, 2011

  Child-Begging Ring: Snapshot Not only does ZOE combat child trafficking by rescuing children before and after they are sold into commercial and sexual exploitation, but we also combat another heinous form of trafficking and child exploitation Did you know that begging is a widespread problem in Thailand? Begging rings are extremely lucrative for the […]

Critical Success Factors: Education

April 25, 2011

Critical Success Factors: Education Human traffickers prey on those who are most vulnerable in our society.  Education and awareness training are keys to protecting communities and individuals from human trafficking Greg – ZOE Director of Child Rescue   After rescuing a child from slavery, a significant challenge is equipping that child with not only a […]

What is Food?

April 19, 2011

What is Food? Since moving to Thailand, I have had to rethink the question of, ‘What is food?’ Are animal intestines food? Are leaves food? Are frogs food? Are ants food? And what about cockroaches? I used to look at leaves as just things that fell off trees and created work to sweep them up… […]

Smell the Garlic!

March 30, 2011

  Self-Sufficient Living: Garlic At ZOE International, we really like garlic. Seriously. We love the stuff! Returning from a recent shopping excursion, our staff unloaded 1,500 kilos of the pungent bulbs. (That’s 3,300 pounds or 1.65 tons!) Either they ran into one heck of a garlic salesman or our staff has big plans for garlic! […]

Sponsor a Child. Change a Life! Guardian Alliance

March 7, 2011

Sponsor a Child. Change a Life! Guardian Alliance “At school my society teacher asks many questions and I can answer them. I am a good student”-Bui (ZOE child) When I think about sponsoring a child I automatically see the images that have been shown on television for years.  I feel guilty sitting comfortably at home, […]

Learning to Love and Loving Learning!

February 14, 2011

Learning to Love and Loving Learning! Diplomas, awards, speeches and a delicious lunch were the order of the day as five ZOE students graduated from the 6th Grade at the school they attend in northern Thailand.  Greater than the pomp and circumstance however was the assurance that ZOE’s children are not only receiving a good […]

Through the Lens

February 2, 2011

Through the Lens Noelle Shumer’s thoughts on her time in Thailand at the ZOE Children’s Homes   “My heart’s longings always urge me to undertake a journey to visit the country of a foreign people far across the sea.” — The Seafarer As I sit here and try to think of how to sum up […]

Please Respect the Rights of the ZOE Children

January 13, 2011

Please Respect the Rights of the ZOE Children Dear Friends of ZOE, Our heart has been and always will be to rescue orphans and other vulnerable children from human trafficking. We have further committed ourselves to raise them in God’s love – free from the shame and trauma of the past. We treat every child […]

A Toddler Trafficked: Nicha’s Story

January 7, 2011

A Toddler Trafficked: Nicha’s Story One of the brightest, most inquisitive, and energetic children at ZOE Children’s Homes is tiny Nicha.  She is smart, quick witted and is fond of telling everyone she meets, “I go to school!” Her preschool teacher reports that Nicha is attentive and engaged.  It is hard to believe this is […]