ZOE Pig Farm

March 17, 2013

ZOE Pig Farm Who loves bacon? Well, ZOE Thailand certainly does. That’s why over the past year and a half, we have been breeding our very own pigs. We are currently up to 40 pigs ranging from young piglets to the sows and studs. Even though some consider them cute, they serve a very valuable […]

Sanook Saturdays

March 11, 2013

Sanook Saturdays There is no question that the kids at ZOE Children’s Home are diligent, hard working, and focused.  We see this every day.  They wake up early, study the Bible, do chores, go to school, do homework, and then finally go to bed.  If there were ever a group of kids who were destined […]

Teaching English Vs. Learning Thai

March 5, 2013

Teaching English Vs. Learning Thai A few months ago a new student started in my English class.  Hesitant to participate and having never learnt English before, she quickly withdrew and decided that it was just too hard.  Given the circumstances of her past and remembering my own tearful experiences of learning Thai when we first […]

When LOVE is Definitely in the Air!

February 17, 2013

When LOVE is Definitely in the Air! February 14th is commonly known as Valentine’s Day around the world, but here at ZOE love was already in full bloom in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. ZOE had several staff “tying the knot” this month and we enjoyed celebrating the two weddings which, incidentally, were […]

Northpark Community Church Women’s Bible Study Donate School Supplies to ZOE Children

December 24, 2012

Bible Study Groups On December 4, ZOE was blessed by two groups of beautiful women from Northpark Church in Santa Clarita. The church’s morning and evening women’s Bible study groups created sixty-five school supply kits for the ZOE kids. The ladies donated all of the supplies then came together to assemble them into individual kits. […]

You could Have Heard a Pin Drop…

September 8, 2012

You could Have Heard a Pin Drop… Last Monday morning, when I arrived at ZOE to teach an English class as part of the ZOE home-schooling program (for children unable to go to school), it was eerily quiet. I walked the flights of stairs without seeing one other person and the usual morning’s activities and […]

Slavery No More Conference 2012

August 20, 2012

Slavery No More Conference 2012 Volunteering as a ZOE Table Bearer for the 2012 Global Human Trafficking Conference was a great experience. What made it great was meeting and connecting with so many wonderful people. First of all there were my fellow volunteers Sharon, Vicki, Shirley and Nicole. Sharon had the new ZOE Cookbooks so […]

Soccer Jokes Aside

July 22, 2012

Soccer Jokes Aside Q: Why did the soccer ball quit the team? A: It was tired of being kicked around! Q: What do you get when you mix 20 ZOE youth, 11 American interns, 35 Thai vocational training students, 35 Aussies … and a handful of teachers, ZOE volunteers (plus their kids) and a few […]