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April 24, 2013

Songkran! One of the first things you learn as a newcomer to Thailand is the countrywide water fight known as Songkran.  For a few days in the middle of April, the streets of Thailand are full of kids and adults with water guns and buckets. Rather than going into town, ZOE brought the party home.  […]

New ZOE Fleet Additions

April 8, 2013

New ZOE Fleet Additions There never seems to be a moment at ZOE Children’s Home where everything stands still.  Kids are running, cooks are cooking, students are studying, and staff is hustling.  The constant movement requires constant transportation, and fortunately for ZOE, we’ve been blessed with vehicles to get us to the places we need […]

ZOE Art Class

March 25, 2013

ZOE Art Class There is something unique about art’s ability to infiltrate the human soul, and I believe God planned it to be like that intentionally.  Just as He is the Master Potter, we have the ability to communicate our soul’s deepest hurts, concerns, and joys through music, writing, paint, or pencil.  I’ve never experienced […]

Boy Dormitory Construction

March 20, 2013

Boy Dormitory Construction One of the greatest joys of being at ZOE Thailand on a day-to-day basis is seeing the growth and progress of the ministry.  Every day ZOE shares in students learning, families growing, and lives being restored.  So a new and exciting problem is the lack of space, but naturally, the solution is […]

ZOE Pig Farm

March 17, 2013

ZOE Pig Farm Who loves bacon?  Well, ZOE Thailand certainly does.  That’s why over the past year and a half, we have been breeding our very own pigs.  We are currently up to 40 pigs ranging from young piglets to the sows and studs. Even though some consider them cute, they serve a very valuable […]

Sanook Saturdays

March 11, 2013

Sanook Saturdays There is no question that the kids at ZOE Children’s Home are diligent, hard working, and focused.  We see this every day.  They wake up early, study the Bible, do chores, go to school, do homework, and then finally go to bed.  If there were ever a group of kids who were destined […]

Teaching English Vs. Learning Thai

March 5, 2013

Teaching English Vs. Learning Thai A few months ago a new student started in my English class.  Hesitant to participate and having never learnt English before, she quickly withdrew and decided that it was just too hard.  Given the circumstances of her past and remembering my own tearful experiences of learning Thai when we first […]