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November 14, 2013 - No Comments!

A Heartfelt Thank You to our Rescue Walk Participants!

We are grateful to everyone for your generous donation of time, talent and treasure that made the 2013 ZOE Rescue Walk a tremendous success.  As we reflect upon the army of people who made the Walk so special we can truly say that we see the goodness of God in the people around us and we give glory to Him.

Zoe-Walk-End-child-trafficking-5Zoe-Walk-End-child-trafficking-4Over 800 people came together to combat the trafficking of children and to date have brought in over $90,000.00!  Money is still coming in!! This will go a long way in helping us care for the children already in our care and release other funds to find other children waiting to be rescued.  It costs $200.00 per month to meet the needs of one child at ZOE and with this money we will be able to fully care for our 70 children for over half the year!

As individuals came together to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves we saw the exponential power of many released to crush the obstacle of child trafficking in our path. We were deeply grateful to see so many at the Walk who have stood with us for years.  We were equally excited to meet many new friends and look forward to forging new relationships.  Together we have heeded the call to learn to do good, seek justice, help the oppressed and defend the cause of the orphan.  (Isaiah 1:17)Zoe-Walk-End-child-trafficking-7Zoe-Walk-End-child-trafficking-1


The ZOE family in Thailand and in the USA are blessed and encouraged to know that so many are standing with us in this battle. As it was said, “we will not stop until every child is rescued.”


November 7, 2013 - No Comments!

Are You Ready to Take to the Streets of Santa Clarita?

The 2013 ZOE Rescue Walk is only two days away! What a thrill to see so many people joining together to combat human trafficking. If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time to signup online or you can register at Newhall Park at 9am.

zoe-rescue-walk-crushing-human-trafickingOur theme this year speaks of the great power that can be released when we join together. This is seen in creation with the SNOWFLAKE. They are some of the most fragile things, but when they stick together they can form an avalanche that roars down a mountain, crushing everything in its path. 

 It is when we are united in oneness of purpose that our strength is exponentially multiplied. This theme will be reflected throughout the Walk this year.

As it takes numerous snowflakes to unleash mighty power.....so it takes numerous voices to combat human trafficking. This is why we are excited to have three great organizations joining us this year at the Walk. Forever Found  exists to support the prevention, rescue and restoration of child trafficking victims. iSanctuary  products provide rehabilitation options for survivors of human trafficking, both domestic and abroad. Share & Do Good  is a giving boutique whose goal is to bring designs with stories of hope made by great causes from around the world.

There is also going to be some incredible food there. Let’s Roll It GrilledCheeseTruck , DogtownDog and ChickFilA. Come hungry!

May all of our seemingly small and powerless voices come together to stir a great uprising to crush human trafficking!

October 10, 2013 - No Comments!

For Volunteers Tim & Jennifer Bussio, The Rescue Walk Matters

Tim and Jennifer Bussio on the ZOE Rescue Walk

“The Rescue Walk matters. It has impact, and if a few hours of our time can make ANY difference to a frightened child, then how could we NOT volunteer?” - Tim and Jennifer Bussio

As seen in the above quote, Tim and Jennifer Bussio are passionate about ZOE International and its mission to fight for human trafficking victims. We asked them a few questions about how they became involved with ZOE and why they are volunteering at the ZOE Rescue Walk for their second year.

How did you find out about ZOE International?

Through our friends Marshall and Stephanie Chabot and The Sanctuary Church.

What made you want to become involved with ZOE?

We both definitely have a heart for children who may not have a voice; they may have no way to cry out for help. We are passionate about helping little ones who, because of size or circumstance, are currently unable to help themselves. It is critically important that these precious children have advocates, have people in their corner who are willing to stand up and say, “I hear you, I see you, I know you are there. Someone is coming. You are not alone!” There needs to be a passionate army dedicated to the rescue of these priceless survivors.

Tim and Jennifer Bussio

Jennifer, Tim, and their grandaughter at last year's rescue walk.

Why are you volunteering for the ZOE Rescue Walk?

Because anything helps. A dollar helps. A shirt helps. A phone call helps. A bottle of water matters. Nothing is too small. It matters. The Rescue Walk matters. It has impact, and if a few hours of my time can make ANY difference to a frightened child, then how could we NOT volunteer?

What would you tell someone who wants to become involved with ZOE and/or the ZOE Rescue Walk?

You may never see or hear or comprehend the impact your contribution makes. That is not relevant. What is relevant, what really matters, is that right now, at this very moment, there are thousands of children who are cold, hungry, alone, desperately afraid, and trying to be brave. They are trying to hope. Mostly, I think they are waiting. They are waiting for that little tiny light—that little bit of difference you can make. Every single one of those children deserves your effort. They were created by the all-powerful and awesome Creator of the universe, and they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Tell us about your experience helping or participating in the walk last year.

Last year, I assisted Tammy Morrell who was directing the walk and Tim did the logistics, setup, and clean-up. This year, Tim and I will be doing logistics together. My experience from the walk is that I realize whatever I do is a drop in the bucket. I only wish I could do more.

How has your involvement with ZOE impacted your life personally?

It lights a fire in my soul and reminds me that amidst great evil, God's love is still far more powerful and mighty than any force on earth. It is good to see His mercy and love at work.

Thank you to the Bussios for making a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims!

September 26, 2013 - 1 comment.

Boys’ Home Dedication

For roughly the past two years, ZOE has been in the process of planning and building its newest addition.  This new space will be used as a teen boys’ dormitory, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  With the launch of the ZOE Education Program, an education wing is needed in the main building, so the rooms vacated by the boys when they move into the new building will be put to immediate use.

At the beginning of this project, ZOE was approached by the Goldstone, Regenstreif, and Regency Lighting families who committed to funding the entire project!  Now after all the planning, designing, and construction, the new home was recently dedicated.  Many of the donor family members were able to make it out to Chiang Mai, Thailand where they received a grand “thank you,” ZOE style.

ZOE_BoysHome1Only the finishing touches are needed to complete the building, and it’s easy to see that the boys are eager to move into their own space.  Within the next few months, we will be able to hear the shouts of a ping-pong tournament and see them on the balcony doing their homework. ZOE_BoysHome2



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: thank you to the Goldstone, Regenstreif, and Regency families.  We are eternally thankful for your generosity in making this much needed dream a reality.

June 23, 2013 - No Comments!

ZOE Benefit Concert

Foothill Covenant Church Hosts Benefit Concerts

A String Quartet

A String Quartet

Within the past month, Foothill Covenant Church has hosted two youth benefit concerts for ZOE International. The talented musicians performed pieces by Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Fauré, and Mozart, and your ears would certainly be deceived into believing these young men and women were seasoned professionals. A well-performed melody of string, piano, and voice has a special way of lifting the soul, and that effect was certainly captured in these concerts.

ZOE is so incredibly thankful for young people who have a passion to see change in the world. It is also encouraging to know that partners in the United States support ZOE’s mission to fight for those who cannot fight for



themselves. By stepping up and taking action like this to help open the eyes of those who have not heard about human trafficking, these performers have entered into the fight against human trafficking themselves.

Thank you again for your courage, talent, and prayers. Please remain alongside ZOE as we fight the good fight together.