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October 2, 2019 - No Comments!

A Glimpse of His Heart

by Anne J

Words cannot describe the supernatural experience I had on my Short Term Mission (STM) to Thailand with ZOE International.  From the first meeting I attended at the ZOE Santa Clarita office in preparation for the STM to the last day in Thailand were all so special and exceptional!  Everything that Betsy and Vickie advised us during the monthly meetings happened exactly like the way they described so there were no surprises, except for the incredible hotel accommodations we had, particularly the Horizon resort hotel -- OMG the amazing botanical gardens with so many animal shaped topiaries and a zoo that would take three hours on a bike to explore! That was truly over the top.

The warm reception at the Chiang Mai airport by the Long Term Missionaries (LTMs) and the Leadership Training (LT) students were priceless. Carol and Mike Hart are God sent. The whole ZOE Family were all so very humble and kind. I went to Thailand thinking I would be working hard and roughing it for two weeks, instead, the LTMs, LT students, and the ZOE kids were the ones blessing me and serving me. The interactive dinners we had with the ZOE children reminded me of Psalms 23 -- "2 He makes me lie down in green pastures... 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies... 6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever." I was humbled by the ZOE families' meekness and how passionate they were about serving and worship. The children's testimonies and the LT students' drama performances were profound. Our STM team that I met for the first time, in person, were also so very special. Holy Spirit was definitely on our side.

To sum up my experience, our theme song "Our God" says it all. I prayed and asked my church to pray that I, too (like Betsy), would be able to see the people/children of Thailand through God's heart and God afforded me a glimpse of His heart.

Water you turn into wine
Open the eyes of the blind, there's no one like You, none like You
Into the darkness you shine
Out of the ashes we rise, there's no one like You, none like You

Our God is greater, our God is stronger
God you are higher than any other
Our God is Healer, awesome in power, our God, our God

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August STM Blog

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words but I say one word is worth far more than a thousand pictures to convey the work that God is accomplishing through ZOE International in Chiang Mai, Thailand. That one word is GO!

GO! see the vision of ZOE founders Mike and Carol Hart come to life. God is working mightily through this precious couple and a dedicated team of missionaries to combat human trafficking through prevention, rescue, and restoration. While our short-term mission team did not witness the risky work of children being physically rescued from brothels and bars, we did work alongside the ZOE staff and students to educate teens in two Karen hill tribe village schools about ways traffickers trap young people into this growing form of slavery. We did see restoration taking place daily in the youth living at ZOE through an education that equips for life on earth and for eternity. We did see young Thai adults enrolled in a Leadership Training program mentoring those recently rescued. Go see for yourself the power of God at work.

GO! see the Holy Spirit penetrate the hearts of children as they boldly worship Jesus with their whole being, as they lovingly serve those around them, as they gain self-respect and control over their lives for the first time. Go see for yourself how these children who were once abused, lost and alone, come to embody Jesus’ command to love God with heart, mind, and soul and to love others as they love themselves.

GO! see long-term missionaries equipped with every needed skill from all over the world work together in love and unity because each is serving the same Lord. There is a spirit of humility, respect, and love that permeates the entire ministry. The grace and mercy received from God is poured out in spades on these precious little ones. Go see for yourself people who love God go to the far corners of the earth to spread the Good News.

GO! see how the missionaries and Thai workers together have developed a sustainable campus that includes its own water system, a state-of-the-art pig farm, and gardens that provide for 300-500 meals each day. See how a grant from the U.S. funded a shop that allows students to learn life skills of carpentry, welding, and mechanics.

GO! see how God will open your eyes, your ears, your hands, put wings to your feet and thereby change your heart. Our team of 26 short-term missionaries from all over the U.S. were each stretched out of our individual comfort zones but bonded together as the body of Christ, equipped to accomplish more than anyone of us imagined possible. We each went to serve others but ended up being served by those individuals. Go see for yourself how all things are possible with God.  

As for me, as I head back home with a renewed dedication to serve boldly, humbly, and faithfully wherever God has me. I am but one person but because Jesus Christ lives in me, I am perfectly equipped to do His work so I look forward to being involved as ZOE International extends into Japan, Australia, and Los Angeles. When Jesus says "go,” I go. 


Written by Nancy Shaw

August 27, 2019 - No Comments!

OEM Summer 2019 STM

By Christian Cha

It has been weeks since we have said “Goodbye,” to Thailand; but everyday I am reminded of my experience there. 

My experience is beyond human intellect and beyond human emotions. What I can only utter out of my mouth are these three words: God is good. He is so good to the point where I cannot fathom how good He is. I think about this trip and how good He is. I think about my past mistakes, and yet, He has been good. I think about my future and what endless possibilities that are ahead of me, and I continue to say that He is good. More specifically, this trip taught me that God is a good, good father; nothing - not even one precious moment - is ever wasted. I think about this trip, and I am always reminded that His goodness has been and will always be present in our lives. 

This trip would not have had this big of an impact on me if it was not for ZOE. Because of ZOE, they have made me fall in love with Thailand. They made me fall in love with Thailand because they made me see how God is making a beautiful masterpiece. 

With a lot of sweat and tears, the OEM team had that opportunity to truly experience lives radically transformed by God’s awesome and amazing power. Within a week, OEM and ZOE did five outreaches and over two hundred people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. What was special was that there were no sermons or evangelistic events involved. With the help of her K-pop students, Junhee Park - one of the top choreographers in Korea - was able to touch many hearts by her testimony and how God placed her where she is today. Because she came from a Buddhist background, the kids related to her story and most of them ended up making the best decision of their lives. After reaching over two hundred young children, how can one not say that God is good?

ZOE has made a tremendous impact not only in my life but in the lives of the other OEM team members. Towards the end of the trip, our last debrief meeting was filled with thankfulness and joy as each member shared his/her favorite memory with the kids, the lesson he/she learned, and how the trip impacted them on a personal and spiritual level. Myself included, the OEM team did not feel like they were a blessing to the ZOE community, but were instead blessed by ZOE - the children, the Leadership Training students, and the staff. The memories with ZOE are implanted in our minds.

It was excruciating to say our goodbyes after such an eventful and extremely fun time we had. When I go back to college, I have to think about what I could possibly do to further support ZOE in the work that they are doing. The most obvious answer is prayer. Prayer is the way for me to treasure the memories and present them at God’s feet. However, that is not the only answer. I have three years left of college, and I will not waste them. I need to be equipped to be His vessel, His hands and feet, if I am to return to Thailand. 

It may be impossible for us to save the world with our own hands, but if we let our Master take care of the impossible, He will make it possible. That is our heavenly Father. Let God take the wheel, and we will end up in places we have never imagined going.

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ZOE Feels Like Home

ZOE Thailand
By: Alison Sauder
January 2019 Short Term Team

I didn’t want to turn around because I didn’t want the tears to keep coming. I threw my bags on the security belt, and snuck a glance anyway. Yup, there they were, still waving. The tears flowed down my cheeks, and my attempts to stifle them failed. I covered my face, and tried to regain my composure. I slapped a smile on my face, but instantly missed the people I had gotten to know in this beautiful country, in this beautiful organization. I looked one last time, positive that they had left by now. I was wrong. I smiled with teary eyes, and waved back to the missionaries who had shown me so much love, so much compassion, and so much joy the past 10 days.

I took my seat at my gate, and while waiting for my flight, I began to reminisce.

ZOE feels like home. It's incredible, because in fact, it is actually 8,357 miles from home. But pulling up, sitting in the transportation vans, I was filled with butterflies and excitement and peace. And then, I saw the house. I saw the kids, and I saw their smiles. Honestly, it just felt like home. Instantly, I was greeted with open arms, fully comfortable with these people and the space they were offering me.

Granted, I had been to ZOE before. However, I can’t say that the first time was much different. A few extra butterflies, maybe, but the same sense of peace and comfort was residing in my spirit. I am convinced it is a gift that God has blessed ZOE with, among so many others.

I checked the clock, and I still had an hour of stifling tears and remembering before our first flight. I pulled out my journal and began to make some lists, because I didn’t want to forget any person or any slightly butchered Thai phrase that I attempted to learn.

I cannot stress enough, ZOE is incredible, but the people that are involved in ZOE are what makes the experience so unforgettable. As a young adult, I’ve traveled around a bit in recent years, but also strive to build an impactful church community around me in my hometown. Interacting with the ZOE Leadership Training students was so meaningful to me. Considering we are relatively the same age, I began to compare the traits that make them so incredible, and find ways to apply them to my own life and the people around me.

These leadership students are devoted. They get up at 5am every day, they read the Bible for an hour, pray for an hour, and worship for an hour, all before their day full of business and Bible classes. They have homework in the evening, and still find ways to serve joyfully around ZOE and mentor the children. How many times have I cringed getting up at 7am to go to work, and then after my 8-hour shift, plopped down on my couch to relax for an hour before starting my next assignment, all with an impartial attitude? God, please PLEASE give me the joy and the dedication to love You the way You call us to.

By profession, I work with kids, and have for the past 6 years. Coming to ZOE, knowing what the children have been rescued from and the horrors that they've seen, it's almost unfathomable to think that they can still experience their childhood. They’re still children. They still love sports, trampolines, smiles, and movies. They have so much to offer, and so much to look forward to. The healing that they've experienced is most definitely a God-thing.

How many times have I been bound by unforgiveness, simply because someone canceled plans on me, or betrayed my trust? How could those children experience such healing, joy, and forgiveness after such unspeakable hurt, when I seem to be broken by such insignificant things? God, please give me a heart to forgive. Replace the bitterness with joy, love, and quite simply, YOU.

Going to the village with the ZOE Child Rescue Team and the leadership students was a major highlight for me. Sure, there were downfalls. A very long ride up the mountains with countless turns made even those who didn’t have weak stomachs, sick (however, to put it in perspective, we got to ride in those nice MILK vans I had previously mentioned, while the leadership students rode on the back of a truck).

These people are so willing to serve, constantly. They don’t often get a chance to sit down, and the smiles and laughter never leave their face. Honestly, I’m pretty sure they could’ve done a whole lot more without us Americans to slow them down, but it was a learning experience for so many on the team.

How many times do I take so much time making sure something looks perfect, or focus on completing the task instead of remembering the reason behind it? A perfectly orchestrated ministry without any heart or vision or JESUS, is absolutely nothing. God, please help me to always remember WHY You call me where You do, when You do, and how You do. Help me to complete even the most mundane tasks with joy, because You are behind it all.

I hear bells dinging in the world beyond my thoughts, and I see people shuffling around me. I realize that my flight is beginning to board, so I quickly pack up my things and get in line for the airplane. I let out a deep breath, filled with hope.

Not only am I returning home with new stories, new experiences, new memories, and plenty of pictures to prove it; I am returning home with fresh vision, newfound challenges, and renewed passions for the year ahead. Me and Jesus, we are going to try our best (well, let’s be honest, I’ll try my best. Jesus always comes through) to transfer these life lessons into the community around me and into my daily life. Oh Jesus, let it be so.

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Sowing Tears Into Japan

Last month, ZOE Japan sent their very first Japanese short term missions team to ZOE Thailand. Below is a beautiful testimony of one of the members that joined the trip.

I left ZOE Thailand having shed tears, yes. But the tears I shed were not the tears I expected. Psalm 126:5 says that those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy. It was as if I got to experience the reaping of the tears sown at ZOE. I’m convinced ZOE Thailand has sown countless tears over many years and the reaping of joy overflows to bless even the short term mission teams like us who come.

During the weekly prayer night they have had for over a decade, I began by praying alone before the Lord. Not too long later and to my surprise, I felt two precious hands rest upon my arm. I opened my eyes to see two little girls praying for me. The love of Christ is tender…

Outreach with ZOE to over 250 kids that arrived from surrounding villages – theme: anti-human trafficking. A gut response was to think “are these kids old enough to be learning about these “adult” subjects?” But this is their potential reality: either learn about it or fall victim to it. It was humbling and inspiring to see the ZOE ministry school students and the Child Rescue Center staff inform the kids about anti-human trafficking while loving them and having fun with them. The love of Christ is just…

As an engineer, I was particularly intrigued by their near self-sustaining capacity. From their growing medical and professional counseling capabilities to their extensive agricultural endeavors, ZOE Thailand touches almost every corner of life. Yet all of their capabilities are rooted first in Christ. The gospel isn’t just for Sundays but builds communities that become cities on a hill to shine for the nations to turn. The love of Christ is thorough…  

I am grateful for what I experienced at ZOE Thailand. I will carry the experiences of tenderness, the zeal for justice, and the thorough reformation of the love of Christ back with me to Japan, where God has called me and where my heart is. Knowing the tears of Thailand, the taste of joy was ever so sweet, but I desire to sow tears into Japan; the tears of Psalm 119:136 – “My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law,” and ZOE Japan still needs a flood of tears before Japan will begin to reap with shouts of joy.


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A Trip of Many Firsts!

Guest Blogger, Jessica Ramsay (Jessica was a part of a short term missions trip that visited our Children's Home in Thailand this past August)

This trip to ZOE was filled with many firsts for me. The first time traveling as a short term missionary, first time traveling to Thailand, and the first time traveling outside of America. Little did I know just how life changing these two weeks were going to be.

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Doing What You Can, Where You Are

The following is a guest post from our faithful ZOE supporter, Tammy Bauer. We asked her to write this because, like most of us, she is an ordinary individual who wants to end child trafficking. Using her sphere of influence, gifts, and talents, she has found very creative ways to raise money and spread human trafficking awareness. As we launch our new program, My Gen My Fight, Tammy's story fits right in and may provide you with ideas and inspiration.

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You Will Never Be the Same

My 8th Short Term Missions Trip

I just returned home from my 8th trip to Thailand. I was privileged to lead a team of 18 people from several different places across the United States, including Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles as well as Saudi Arabia.

Every time I go on a trip, it is different even though we do pretty much the same thing. ZOE team members are unique and it is fun to watch lives being changed right in front of you. This trip was the first time for me to be part of something new on the team schedule called “Cultural Day.” The day starts with team members being assigned to a ZOE Family. Whatever the ZOE Family is doing for the morning, the team member also does with them. Some team members received a Thai name and played games. Another group played games, and made fried bananas and fried sweet potatoes. One of the groups had to go and harvest vegetables from the garden. This team said it was really hard work.

Later that evening, the team provides a cultural experience from America for the whole ZOE Family. This team put on a Thanksgiving meal and shared about Thanksgiving.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of a short term missions trip to Thailand to be with our ZOE Family, check out information about our short term missions trips. You will never be the same!

April 20, 2015 - 1 comment.

Young and Missions Minded

I love when the young generation gets involved in making a difference. There’s just something special about the entire experience. Not only is it great to see them being heroes in society, but I believe by getting involved, it’s a great start to shaping their future.

This month, I wanted to spotlight Paige Chabot. Paige has been a longtime supporter of ZOE, and she’s only 14. Read her interview below.

Thank you Paige for your continuous support toward ZOE. You are such a blessing!

Name: Paige Chabot

Age: 14

How did you hear about ZOE?

My mother got me involved with ZOE.  I don’t remember where she heard about ZOE from.

At what age did you start supporting ZOE?

I believe I was about seven or eight when I started to support ZOE.

What are some ways you have supported ZOE in the past?

I have raised money for ZOE when I was younger by having lemonade stands and participating in the quarter tube fundraisers for Kids Helping Kids. I have also raised money during my birthday parties by giving my guest the option to donate money instead of giving me a gift.  

What was the best memory of your mission trip to ZOE this past February?

One of my favorite memories, and I have a lot, was probably worshiping with the ZOE kids. I loved seeing how devoted they were and exited these kids were to spend time with the lord.

What kind of things did you do while on your mission trip?

We went to some schools and did outreaches. We handed out goodie bags (after making 1,000 of them) to families in the village we visited and preached to them too. We also saw elephants, met some amazing kids at ZOE, played games with kids at the schools, and hosted a luau for the ZOE family at the Children’s Home.

Would you go again? If so, why?

I would definitely go again. It was a great experience; if I was able to go again, I would definitely invite one or two of my friends to come along with me.

Favorite Food: well if you’re asking what my favorite food was during the trip, I would have to say all of it. Except the spicy food, not a fan of that. In general, I like everything!

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One Woman's Journey to End Child Trafficking

Guest Blogger, Kim Charter

My friend, Vickie McCoy and I met for lunch a few years ago and she shared with me that she was leaving her full time job to become a “stateside missionary.” After I picked my jaw up off the floor she explained more. I knew of her love for ZOE international and for missions, but it was this conversation that led me to a new, overwhelming awareness of child trafficking and it began my own journey to find out what I could to make a difference.

I thought that trafficking was only a third world problem. I could have compassion for those children, yet know that the children in my life were safe. But, the more I talked with Vickie, the more I became fully aware, enlightened and frightened for the children in my life and those around me. There is a growing exploitation of children in the US and there aren’t many safe places for them to recover and heal. ZOE wants to create a “home environment” in the United States for these children to come to so that they can be safe and healed.

The minute that I heard there was a need for help “I was IN”. It is now not only on my side of the globe, but in my home. I have two granddaughters and could never imagine them being hurt in this way. Now I have a responsibility to educate, inform and enlighten others about ending child trafficking.

Last year I learned about the ZOE Rescue Walk. I registered, raised funds and walked to contribute to the ZOE mission. I soon learned that there were many other people who were also unaware of the close proximity of this problem. There is a great need in this country to bring awareness of not only this problem globally, but locally as well. Last year’s Walk was a wonderful way for me to become involved and get the message out.

This year, I am walking again. I am doing my “one thing” to make a difference in the lives of others. Now it’s your turn to “Do One Thing” and consider joining me at this year’s walk on November 15th. Register now at ZOERescueWalk.com and do your one thing to end child trafficking and save a child!