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Khantoke Dinner -with Grace Baptist

August 29, 2011

Khantoke Dinner -with Grace Baptist I’m the sort of person who needs to hear something many times before I can memorize it. I need to drive somewhere several times before I can remember where to go and … sometimes I even need to meet people a few times before their names and faces are familiar. It’s a […]

You Have to See It To Understand It. By Pam Noritake

June 23, 2011

You Have to See It To Understand It. By Pam Noritake As short term teams, we blow in, blow up and blow out…but to see what breaks God’s heart will stay with us for a lifetime.  Our desire is to share this “burden” with you our family, friends and supporters so we can understand more […]

Bug Swatting

May 29, 2011

Bug Swatting It could almost be a national sport! Walking around the children’s home, you often hear the sound…. “Swoosh…. ZAP!”   As you turn your head in the direction the noise came from, you see the remnants of a fried mosquito or other such creature fall slowly to the ground. The device used to “fry” […]

What is Food?

April 19, 2011

What is Food? Since moving to Thailand, I have had to rethink the question of, ‘What is food?’ Are animal intestines food? Are leaves food? Are frogs food? Are ants food? And what about cockroaches? I used to look at leaves as just things that fell off trees and created work to sweep them up… […]

Through the Lens

February 2, 2011

Through the Lens Noelle Shumer’s thoughts on her time in Thailand at the ZOE Children’s Homes   “My heart’s longings always urge me to undertake a journey to visit the country of a foreign people far across the sea.” — The Seafarer As I sit here and try to think of how to sum up […]

More Than a Shelter…It’s a Home

January 5, 2011

More Than a Shelter…It’s a Home It was a sight to behold:  As the representatives and donors from Life Outreach International drove out of the forest and pulled up to the new ZOE Children’s Home in Northern Thailand, they stood speechless, tears of joy in their eyes, at the site of the newly completed “House […]