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Category "Trafficking Restoration"

Honoring Moms

May 6, 2015

Children Trust Their ZOE Mothers While the ZOE kids have been on break from school, they have been able to participate in many activities like camp and special outings. One of the most important of these events, however, is Family Week; and at ZOE, mothers are the glue of the families. ZOE is not like […]

Transformation of a Young Rebel

April 27, 2015

Young Rebel Turns to Jesus Christ Many teens come through ZOE’s doors, and while all of their experiences are different, the same story of hope and reconciliation connects them into a beautiful pattern the helps describe God’s love for his children. In some cases, the teens embrace ZOE and Jesus Christ with open arms saying, […]

“Why Have You Helped Me?”

December 3, 2013

“Why Have You Helped Me?” Not only is it ZOE’s mission to help rescue children from the clutches of human trafficking, but we are also in the business of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  While our faith is never forced on these children, many times the children ask the question, “Why have you helped […]