ZOE protects the identity and dignity of children and does not show trafficked children.

Of all things, guard against neglecting God in the secret place of prayer.

 William Wilberforce 

ZOE International has been experiencing increased involvement in anti-human trafficking activities and we covet your prayers. Please pray for:

  • Protection over our staff, children, students, and entire ZOE family.
  • Divine intervention on behalf of the children who are waiting to be rescued.
  • Complete healing and restoration for human trafficking victims.
  • God’s favor as we partner with and assist government entities, law enforcement, and other organizations, so that we can work together to find the perpetrators, bring them to justice, and provide a safe and loving environment for the children.
  • Provision of the finances needed for ZOE to continue to care for our current family as well as future families.


When you pray, you are fighting human trafficking in the most wonderful and effective way. Download ZOE International’s Prayer Guide “A Call to Prayer” here, which will help you pray specifically for the spiritual aspects of human trafficking. ZOE has also created prayer cards for a month of prayer points specific to human trafficking on the front and a Scripture reference related to that prayer point on the back. Download “Awake to Prayer” cards here.

Want to have either of these already printed? Or if you would like a set that includes a ZOE mug, we have those available as well. Call 661.255.7963 or email our office.

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