ZOE protects the identity and dignity of children and does not show trafficked children.

"I  personally decided to sponsor a ZOE child because giving directly to a child unloads finances directly from ZOE and frees up those funds for other areas."

Karen Kuykendall | GA Sponsor

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As a child sponsor you will...

  • Get to choose the age and gender of a child to sponsor
  • Have the joy of supporting an individual child
  • Receive a concealed identity photo* and a profile of your child upon sign-up
  • Be able to send a letter of encouragement to your child’s ZOE family
  • Not be able to correspond directly with your child via email or social media
  • Receive two updates and updated concealed identity photo of your child annually*
  • Have the opportunity to sponsor your child until they reach independence

ZOE cares for the unique needs of each child–and every child is different! The cost varies child to child, depending on the amount of support services, therapy, counseling, tutoring, and specialist training that each individual child needs to reach their unique life goals. 

Our Guardian Alliance sponsorship program starts at $25 per month. You may sponsor a child at $25, $50, $75, $100 and so on up to the maximum needed at $250 per month, per child. So we can plan for our kids, we ask that you make a consistent, monthly commitment, ideally for a minumum of one year.

I'm ready to sponsor a child! Now what?

1. Choose your monthly commitment level.

2. Find a child below who still needs to be fully funded.

3. Click on the red "support" button.

4. Pick your monthly commitment amount.

5. Fill out your contact and funding information.

6. Know that you are making a tangible difference in the life of a child!

What does my child sponsorship provide?

ZOE Children’s Homes fights for children affected by human trafficking. Some children are at-risk orphans, some are on the market to be sold, some are victims of other heinous crimes and abuse, and some were already trafficked and abused as labor slaves, begging slaves, and sex slaves. ZOE International rescues and cares for all these children.

Guardian Alliance is a unique child sponsorship program because it exclusively defends and protects these children.

Your child sponsorship helps provide 24/7 care and restoration for children in need until they can successfully return to normal society or be reunited to a relative who can care for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child?

ZOE cares for the unique needs of each child – and every child is different! The cost varies child to child, depending on the amount of support services, therapy, counseling, tutoring and specialist training that each individual child needs to reach their unique life goals. The ZOE Guardian Alliance program provides up to $250 towards the total cost of raising each child though in many cases the cost of our restoration programs exceeds this amount.

Does My Child Live at the ZOE Children’s Homes?

Yes, sponsorship helps provide 24/7 care and restoration for your child until they can successfully return to normal society or be reunited with a relative who can care for them.

What Happens When My Child Turns 18?

Though rescued before they are 18, the ZOE Guardian Alliance does not end when a child turns 18. The program continues until each child’s individual milestones have been reached and a successful transition into adulthood is achieved. ZOE provides primary and secondary education and vocational training programs to prepare children for reintegration into society. Vocational training is directly linked to local market opportunities, and includes trades such as construction, office skills, and hospitality services.

ZOE runs a transitional program for children 18 years and over while they complete high school or university education, vocational training, or obtain suitable employment. The program aims to move each person from dependence to independence by helping them to establish personal goals and keeping them accountable to achieve them. Sponsorship ends by age 22 at the latest.

How Much of My Sponsorship Will Benefit My Child?

100% of your monthly support directly benefits your child.  ZOE administrative expenses do not get taken out of your monthly sponsorship.

Is There a Contract/Time Commitment for Sponsorship?

You may continue your sponsorship monthly for as long as you like. There is no set time period or contract.

How Does ZOE Decide Whom to Rescue, Who is in the Program?

ZOE fights for the rights of children who have nobody else to fight for them. The children come from a range of backgrounds. Some are orphaned, some were on the market to be sold, and some have been subject to heinous crimes and abuse. ZOE has rescued children from child trafficking where children were used as labor slaves, begging slaves, and sex slaves.

What is the History of My Child?

As a Guardian you agree to protect and defend your child from shame and to stand with ZOE with a common belief, that we are here to protect the dignity of these children. ZOE can never share each child’s personal heart-wrenching story, as it would cause them shame and may put their very life in danger.

Can I Write to My Child?

Yes, letters can be a great encouragement to the children. Most times, letters are read to all the children in your child’s family. By doing this, your words can inspire a group of children. Children who may not receive a letter will also benefit from your words of encouragement.  All written and verbal correspondence must go through the ZOE USA office first. Under the ZOE Child Protection Policy, direct phone, in-person, written, Internet, or social media contact is not permitted. We do not tell the children whether they are sponsored or not as we feel that doing so would cause unsponsored children to feel that they are not as valued.

Our Child Protection Policy states:

NO incoming or outgoing correspondence (email or letters) may be exchanged with ZOE children without authorization from the ZOE Children’s Homes Director.  You will not be able to correspond directly with your child via email or social media.

Will My Child Know Who I Am?

Several reasons we do not allow the child to know who their sponsors are:

Because our children have already lost loved ones, it would be difficult for them to also lose a sponsor they have come to know and grow attached to should financial difficulties arise.

To create stability and bonding in the lives of the children, we need them to rely on their caregivers.  Although you are an integral part of their daily care and support, it is the caregivers who must ensure that the children have this stability. We know your heart is first for the well-being of the child.

The number of sponsors will vary from one child to another.

The security of the children must take precedence.

Will I Get a Letter Back From My Child?

ZOE does not ask children to write to sponsors. Each child is at a different stage of healing as they begin to be restored and so ZOE children do not write letters to their sponsor(s). At certain times of the year, ZOE will provide you an update about the life of the child you support.

Can I Send Gifts For Holidays, Birthdays Or Other Occasions?

We understand your desire to send gifts or money to your child and we are grateful for your amazing generosity.  However we DO NOT allow this because all of our children live together. It would be difficult to demonstrate that each one of our children is equally valued and loved if some children never receive gifts or cards.

Our Child Protection Policy states:

NO gifts or promise of gifts will be given to ZOE children without authorization from the ZOE Children’s Homes Director. Examples of gifts include, but are not limited to, money, cell phones, cell phone usage, candy, jewelry, personal items, or promise of any of the items listed.

Can I Visit My Child?

YES YOU CAN! We would love for you to have the opportunity to visit your child. Our heart is to give you an opportunity to visit ZOE, see firsthand the work we are doing and how the lives of the children are being transformed. Our hope is that this experience would impact your life and provide you the opportunity to see how your child is being loved and cared for. There are certain requirements and guidelines for your visit so we ask that you please contact our USA office for further information and calendar openings perhaps through our short term missions trips.

Please know we do not allow private outings or one-on one contact with ZOE children; a host will be present at all times. The child will be able to meet you but will not know you are their sponsor (see “Will My Child Know Who I Am?” above).

Our Child Protection Policy states:

Short-term (less than one day) visitors are required to be escorted at all times by a ZOE paid staff member or volunteer. Overnight visitors will have sleeping accommodations separate from ZOE children.

How Can I Be Sure That 100% Of My Sponsorship Goes To My Child?

ZOE upholds financial integrity and transparency as a core value. To that end, ZOE is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). As a full ECFA member, ZOE actively employs high standards and best practices to achieve financial integrity transparency such as:

Effective financial controls and management

Active governance of ZOE’s Board of Directors (majority of whom are independent)

Annual financial audit by an independent auditor

ECFA standards of fundraising which include full financial disclosure of expenses

100% of your monthly support will be directed to benefit your child. None of your monthly support will be used for the organization’s administrative expenses. ZOE highly values your partnership in providing a new hope and future for a rescued child. We do our utmost to ensure that every cent of your monthly support is used with integrity.

What About Other Needs at ZOE?

ZOE fundraises separately for special projects, events and other items that are not covered under the ZOE Guardian Alliance program. ZOE also fundraises to provide for the needs of children who are not sponsored.

*Due to our need to protect children from the shame of their past and retribution from their human traffickers, ZOE will only send photos where the child’s identity is concealed. See our ZOE Child Protection Policy (PDF) for more information.

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