Thank You for Taking a Stand to End Child Trafficking.

By creating an online fundraising page, you will be benefiting ZOE International as your Charity of Choice.  This fundraising page is simple to start and will be your very own page.  Set a goal of how much you would like to raise for ZOE then, share your page link with you family and friends.

Please carefully read the guidelines below before starting your fundraiser:

A unique opportunity to conduct an event in order to raise awareness and or funds for ZOE.  Click here for more details.

A unique opportunity to CAUSE MARKET your business. Cause marketing is a powerful concept that enhances your brand image and differentiates your product while making a lasting impact on your world for good.

A unique opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. ZOE currently has operations in five countries, Thailand, USA, Japan, Mexico and Australia.  ZOE mission is to reach every person with the gospel and rescue every child from human trafficking by providing loving aftercare that will train these children to be future leaders to impact their nation. ZOE is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.

Provide you materials and info for your event.

Provide limited help (when available) to have the best event possible.

Provide the Charity of Choice logo should you need to add it to your website or marketing material. The integrity of the ZOE brand is of utmost importance to us. Because of this we ask that the you use either one of our Charity of Choice logos in addition your personal logo, should you have one.

Logo Choice 1

Logo Choice 2

Advertise for you and will not solicit our donors for anything that is not managed by ZOE.

Reimburse individuals for costs associated with supporter driven events.

License, partner with you or cross brand.

Give tax receipts to people who give to your Charity of Choice unless they give through our online fundraising site or send a check in the mail.