ZOE’s Giving Tree: Star of Hope

Picture of ZOE Tag on a Christmas tree 50 dollars to Thialand
What is a ZOE Giving Tree?

During the holidays, many organizations support people or causes that are close to their hearts. This Christmas season, ZOE International has created a unique and engaging way for your organization to be a part of offering hope to the neediest of children…The ZOE Giving Tree.

One in four victims of modern slavery are children. Hosting a ZOE Giving Tree is a simple way for you to educate others about the atrocities of human trafficking while supporting ZOE’s global efforts to reach every person with God’s love and rescue every child from human trafficking.

Sign-up to receive your ZOE Giving Tree toolkit prior to October 1st and we will send you everything you need to decorate your tree. On November 1st, set up your tree and display your tags as if they were ornaments. Donors select a tag, scan the QR code and make a donation either online or via check.

Help us bring hope into the darkest of places this Christmas season. Some of the projects to be featured on the ZOE Giving Tree Tags include:

  • Partner with us to reach people with the gospel around the world
  • Support ZOE’s restoration programs at the ZOE Home for Youth in Los Angeles where child survivors of human trafficking will receive critical care, love, education, and restoration
  • Help us find, rescue, and protect child survivors of human trafficking

How Do I Get Started?

  1. To request your all-inclusive ZOE Giving Tree Toolkit, fill out the form below prior to October 1st and a ZOE Rep will contact you.
  2. Your toolkit will be hand-delivered or mailed before November 1st.
  3. Set up your ZOE Giving Tree as early as November 1st and display your tags as if they were ornaments.
  4. Promote the ZOE Giving Tree to your customers, congregants, employees, or vendors using the resources provided between November 1st – December 31st.
  5. After December 31st, a ZOE rep will contact you to pick up donations
image of zoe giving tree tool kit custom box bulletin inserts and tags

Yes, I would like more information about hosting a
ZOE Giving Tree this Christmas.

Please note, ZOE Giving Tree Toolkits are given on first-come first-served basis. In order for ZOE to fulfill all requests, kits must be ordered prior to October 1st.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How will I receive my ZOE Giving Tree Toolkit?

Fill out the form above and a ZOE rep will either mail you the kit, or hand-deliver your kit before November 1st.

What do I need to provide?

All you need to provide is the tree. ZOE will give you everything else you need to decorate your tree in the complete ZOE Giving Tree Toolkit. Display your tree from November 1st through December 31st.

After the campaign is complete, how will I send in the donations?

A ZOE rep will contact you to pick up the donations. If you are not local, you can mail the donations to our P.O. Box at 221510, Santa Clarita, CA 91322.

I already have a Christmas outreach project. How can I incorporate ZOE into my holiday plans?

Many of the organizations that have hosted a ZOE Giving Tree in the past have had multiple trees for different outreach projects. We are happy to share the love.

What if my church isn’t meeting in-person right now?

Many churches who aren’t meeting right now have found making an announcement to engage virtually has been very effective. During announcements, you can direct your congregation to visit GoZOE.org/givingtreetags to select a tag. It’s that easy!

What if I don’t have space to accommodate a ZOE Giving Tree?

If you don’t have space, you can still support ZOE this Christmas by promoting the ZOE Giving Tree to your employees, customers, and vendors. We are happy to provide you with email copy, and a printable flyer.

Still have questions? Please Contact ZOE:

661-255-7963 or givingtree@gozoe.org