Human Trafficking Training

Human trafficking training is crucial for awareness, prevention, legal understanding, victim-centered care, trauma-informed support, collaboration, ethics, cultural competency, resource access, advocacy, and global impact. It empowers individuals to take action and be part of the collective effort to end child trafficking.

About the Speakers:

Ester Yu serves as ZOE’s Assistant Western Regional Director at ZOE International, overseeing ZOE’s direct care services in Los Angeles County through the Advocacy Program and ZOE’s Home for Youth for child survivors of human trafficking.

Sandy Esparza is ZOE’s Human Trafficking Prevention Program Manager and Lived Experience Expert educating the community about human trafficking and providing victim advocacy support during law enforcement operations and ongoingly throughout the year.

Fall 2024 Trainings Coming Soon!

ICYMI: All Spring 2024 Trainings are listed below.

Previous Human Trafficking Trainings:

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These free trainings are open to anyone interested in learning about and how to end human trafficking.