We had an amazing year in 2016!
It was full of growth, life, restoration, and hope.

We wanted to show you just how far your generosity has gone.

Some of our biggest news this year involves our work in Los Angeles. We were able to purchase fifty acres of property for ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles. Our momentum quickly picked up with plans being drawn and paperwork being finalized. We began to educate and train hundreds of people for the work we will be doing here in Los Angeles. This included beginning our list of churches and families to begin partnering with.

Through our relationship with the Department of Children & Family Services you helped us provide over forty backpacks full of school supplies and victim support services for the children in need here in Los Angeles.

Hear from domestic missionary Vickie McCoy as she helps youth in Los Angeles.

You quickly & completely funded the construction of a new well at ZOE in Thailand to bring fresh water back to our children.

Self-sustainability at ZOE has been a major goal and this year we continued to grow and expand. Our self-sustainability program has also been an incredible teaching tool so that our children can have life skills and abilities beyond the classroom.

.    .    .

Our ZOE Child Rescue Department dedicated over 1,100 hours to investigative work alone and educated more than 1,400 people on the dangers of human trafficking.

.    .    .

// In Thailand we helped host conferences for human trafficking task forces as well as seminars for internet safety and child protection.

You helped us distribute more than 2,000 boxes of food and supplies to villages and communities in need throughout Northern Thailand.

// Our ZOE Ministry & Business School celebrated it’s tenth year and educated over 160 students.

We celebrated the launch of our transitional program and the beginning of a new stage of life for many of our ZOE children.

We had our 5th annual ZOE Rescue Walk in California, with satellite locations nationwide. This was a time for people to take action by raising funds for ZOE and raising awareness of the problem of human trafficking in the United States.

MOST IMPORTANTLY... we rescued many children this year and prayed with hundreds of people to receive Jesus!

Honestly, there is so much that has happened this past year and we wish we could share it all with you. For more details on things happening with ZOE, check out our blog.

Please consider continuing to be a part of what ZOE is doing and donate today!