Kids Helping Kids

Want to get your kids involved in the fight to end trafficking?

This is the program for them!

In 2007, Kids Helping Kids program was designed to help children learn that they, no matter how young, can make a difference in the lives of children around the world! Children are given plastic tubes that they can fill with $15 worth of quarters which will feed, clothe, and educate a child in Thailand for a week! This program is customizable for your children’s ministry, scouting group, Awana club, or school. It’s also great for Vacation Bible Schools and holidays!

What We Give You

  • QUARTER TUBES – used to collect quarters
  • POSTER – “What will $15 buy in the U.S. vs. Thailand”
  • PARENT LETTER – explains overall program
  • SUPPLEMENTAL CURRICULUM – 5-week mini lesson focused on missions
  • ACTIVITY SHEET– for kids
  • ZOE BROCHURE – shares who ZOE is
  • VIDEOS – tools to help launch the program successfully

*These materials are completely free to you or your organization––we only ask that you pay the shipping cost to get the materials to you!

Contact us today to start the Kids Helping Kids program at your organization!