The Keim Family

The Keim’s journey to Thailand started long before Rodney and Alisha married in 2005.  Alisha’s childhood best friend was from Thailand and Alisha longed for the day to visit her when she moved back to Southeast Asia.  Rodney was drawn to Thailand in college, when both he and Alisha were attending a conference with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) two weeks after the devastating Tsunami in December 2004.  Feeling the Lord’s leading to help those affected, Rodney was invited to join 97 college students from America for relief efforts in March 2005, igniting a passion for Thailand that’s continued since.

In 2007, the Keims returned to Thailand together, working with CRU to lead teams of college students with continued Tsunami relief efforts. For over 7 months, the Keims worked with the Moken people off the coast of Ranong building a new village and also laying the foundations for a children’s home in Ranong, both of which have grown tremendously to this day.

After leaving Thailand in 2007, the Keims moved to Littleton, CO, where Alisha studied and received her Master’s degree in Old Testament Biblical Studies from Denver Seminary.  Rodney worked as a Deputy Sheriff for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office both in the detention facility and on the road responding to emergency calls.  During that time, they welcomed their children Josiah and Selah into their home.

After moving to Rodney’s family ranch in north central Nebraska, Rodney and Alisha were able to return to Thailand once more in order to complete the adoption of their son, Jeremiah. In 2019, the entire family traveled to China to bring home their fourth child, Tallulah.  In January of 2020, just before the pandemic closed down travel, Josiah and Rodney traveled to Ranong to work on the children’s home expansion and meet with the kids Rodney and Alisha had formed a bond with 13 years prior.

This beautiful country with wonderful people has long held a special place in the Keim’s hearts and the Lord is inviting them back again: this time to work alongside ZOE in rescuing children and sharing the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ.