The Problem

  • Human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery are often described as issues that are hidden in plain sight. Due to the veiled nature of these types of exploitation, identifying victims in Australia proves difficult.
  • It is estimated that currently only 1 in 5 victims of human trafficking and modern slavery are identified in Australia. This under-detection presents a significant problem in finding and supporting trafficking victims in Australia, as well as to understanding the full extent of the problem.
  • According to the 2021 Trafficking in Persons report, Australia is a destination country for human trafficking. This means that individuals are trafficked into Australia from overseas for the purpose of exploitation. The report lists Australia as a Tier One country in it’s response to trafficking; Australia fully meets the minimum requirements to address human trafficking.
  • Traffickers in Australia primarily exploit women and men in forced labour, and to a lesser extent, women and girls in sex trafficking. Traffickers exploit a small number of children, primarily teenage Australian and foreign girls, in sex trafficking within the country.

Our Current Work in Australia

ZOE Australia has financial partners that help fund projects, programs, and activities within all the areas of: Prevention, Rescue, and Restoration around the globe. To visit our Australian website click here

Stop icon Prevention

  • Awareness and Education

    Raising awareness through the media, entertainment industry, influential voices, speaking engagements, and internet communities, and encouraging university and high school involvement

  • Human Trafficking Curriculum

    ZOE Foundation Australia teamed up with accomplished curriculum writer Mark Easton, to develop a set of six lesson plans which is now being used in schools in Australia to teach 10th grade students about child trafficking and the ways in which organizations and individuals are responding.

hand on hand icon Rescue

  • Funding ZOE’s Rescue facilities and projects around the world.

heart and arrow icon Restoration

  • ZOE helps to restore the lives of human trafficking survivors

Our ZOE Australia Staff and Missionaries

David Cross

Director & CEO of ZOE Australia

Andrea Cross

Education & Communications Manager

Sharon Ratten

Office Manager

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