The Problem

  • Mexico is considered a source, destination, and transit country for human trafficking, whereby victims are sent from, to, and through Mexico for the purposes of labor and sex trafficking.
  • In 2012, Mexico implemented a comprehensive federal anti-trafficking law. Many of the states have also incorporated anti-trafficking regulations. In Mexico City, they have begun to train hotel staff how to look for signs of human trafficking. This all points toward a growing effort on the part of Mexico to combat human slavery.
  • Men, women, and children are exploited in forced labor in agriculture, domestic servitude, child care, manufacturing, mining, food processing, construction, tourism, forced begging, and street vending in Mexico and the United States.

Our Current Work in Mexico

We are located in Oaxaca, Mexico, which is considered to be a crossroad for human trafficking as a source, destination, and transit state for this crime. We are beginning our work with Child Trafficking Prevention. Our goal is to spread awareness of child trafficking first as most Mexican citizens are largely unaware of the child slavery around them.

Stop icon Prevention

  • Awareness and Education

    Raising awareness online, at conferences and events, and in schools

  • Collaboration

    Partnering with E Kids Global School to provide education in a safe environment for children who are at risk of trafficking in Mexico.

  • Human Trafficking Curriculum

    ZOE has created a human trafficking prevention curriculum to be taught to schools in vulnerable communities throughout Mexico.

hand on hand icon Rescue

  • Child Trafficking Victims

    ZOE is planning to expand rescue efforts in the future as the Lord opens doors. For now, we will continue praying for and supporting local authorities in Mexico.

heart and arrow icon Restoration

  • Children’s Home

    ZOE is collaborating with the Mexican government to build a safe home for the restoration of survivors of child trafficking.

Our ZOE Mexico Staff

Pastor Mauricio Ruiz

Director of ZOE Mexico

Pastor Virginia Ruiz
Pastor Virginia Ruiz

Assistant Director of ZOE Mexico

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