The Problem

  • Significant illegal migration to Thailand presents traffickers with opportunities to coerce or defraud undocumented migrants into involuntary servitude or sexual exploitation.
  • Thailand is a well known sex trafficking destination.
  • Thailand is considered Tier 2 on TIP (Trafficking In Persons) Report, meaning they are making significant efforts to meet minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.

Our Current Work in Thailand

ZOE Thailand is ZOE International’s main campus hosting our Children’s Home, Boy’s Home, Child Rescue Center, Vocational Center, and Recreation Area.

  • Awareness Campaigns

    Each awareness campaign has the goal of informing individuals and communities that modern day slavery exists, how traffickers work, and God’s heart in the midst of it all.

  • Human Trafficking Hotline

    When ZOE receives a call on our human trafficking hotline, our staff will conduct a phone interview to assess whether the situation requires further action from our team. If so, a team is immediately sent to the location to conduct an assessment, investigation, or rescue.

  • Eliminating Vulnerability

    Knowing that traffickers flourish where there is lack of resources and education, ZOE works to provide necessary food to families through our Mercy Network partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund.

  • Prevention Rescues

    ZOE has developed a large network of local law enforcement, social workers, teachers, pastors, community leaders, former ZOE staff, and former ZOE Leadership Training students to be our eyes and ears to report possible trafficking cases. This network has been crucial to stopping human trafficking before it even occurs!

  • Child Trafficking Victims

    When a child has already been trafficked, intervention is needed to get the child out of the situation. ZOE supports federal and local law enforcement and is also a member of several federal and local anti-trafficking multidisciplinary task forces throughout Thailand.

  • Bringing Traffickers to Justice

    As an overall strategy to fight human trafficking, we also seek to bring the human traffickers to justice. ZOE collaborates with Thai law enforcement and other government agencies when intervening on behalf of children.

  • Collaboration

    The MDT of Northern Thailand includes Thai government members, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security, Immigration Department, Transnational Crime Unit Police Region 5 (TCU), and the law enforcement agency responsible for anti-trafficking activity in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) include FOCUS, New Life Center, and the International Justice Mission. In addition, ZOE has partnered with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Homeland Security Investigations.

  • Restoration

    The goal of ZOE’s Restoration Program is to help to restore the lives of human trafficking survivors and help them heal from their past, so they can act on their courage to plan for their bright future.

  • Facilities

    Our facilities are on 35 acres in an undisclosed location in Thailand. Currently we have our main home, boy’s home, Child Rescue Center, vocational center, and recreation area with a pool.

  • Vocational and Life Skills Training

    Part of the restoration process for the older teens is giving them tools to be able to live a life outside of our home. We have a Vocational Center that allows them to learn life skills that will provide them with the ability to not only survive, but thrive as they step out into the real world as adults.

“We have seen incredible learning and growth in every child at ZOE. The tireless work of the parents, tutors, and education team helps to give the children at ZOE every chance to not just learn, but to excel in their education.” – 

Oratai Saisingtong, Assistant Director, ZOE Thailand

Thailand News

Les & Lynne Ginoza

Les: Corporate / Executive VP
Lynne: Children’s Home Team / Accounting Advisor

Ron & Cissy Boyer

Ron: Leadership Training Instructor/English Teacher
Cissy: English School Manager / Kitchen Development

Jessica Dodd
Children-Youth Ministry Advisor / Daycare Advisor / Boys’ Home Manager
Ben & Kayte Musselman

Ben: Facilities Maintenance Team / Construction Advisor

Nick & Heather Durick

Nick: Children-Youth Ministry Team / English Team
Heather: Short Term Missions Manager / Special Events Team

Simpson & Lori-Ann Tsang

Simpson: ZOE Child Rescue Team / Prevention Support Team
Lori-Ann: Child Sponsorship Team / Impact Reporting Team

Ben & Jen Wood

Ben: Missionary Care Manager / Mercy Network Advisor

Brandon & Cheryl Kim

Brandon: Vocational Training School Advisor / English Teacher