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The Problem

  • Almost a third of human trafficking cases reported in the United States in 2018 were minors 1
  • In the US human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states.2

Our Work on the East Coast

ZOE has operations on the East Coast in Lancaster and Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Stop iconPrevention

ZOE Cycling Events

Raising awareness about child sex trafficking through annual ZOE cycling events and the Race Across America.

Human Trafficking Training and Presentations

ZOE East Coast provides Human Trafficking Awareness, Training, and Prevention Work to churches, social workers, social service agencies, businesses, schools, healthcare workers, community groups, and the hospitality industry.

Victim Advocacy Services

ZOE East Coast partners with the Department of Children and Youth Services to identify youth who are vulnerable to being trafficked. ZOE then provides ongoing advocacy and mentoring services for those children and their families as needed.

Youth Mentoring

ZOE’s Youth Mentoring Program provides ongoing, one-on-one relationships with high-risk youth at the Lancaster and Berks Counties’ Child Advocacy Centers, their Departments of Children and Youth, the Youth Intervention Center, and Bethany Children’s Home. Mentoring provides a trusting relationship, accountability, friendship, a positive role model, goal setting and life skills. We provide a safe, consistent and supportive environment where youth can grow, learn and begin to heal.

Online Safety

ZOE East Coast educates at-risk and vulnerable children on human trafficking and online safety to prevent exploitation.

hand on hand icon Rescue

Human Trafficking Task Force Collaboration

The ZOE East Coast team provides Task Force Coordination and Collaboration, facilitating the Lancaster and Berks Counties’ Human Trafficking Task Forces. These task forces are comprised of law enforcement members, government, and other community organization partners. The team works together to assist in identifying victims, investigating suspected trafficking, recovering victims, providing restorative services for victims, and prosecuting the buyers and sellers of these victims.

Mobile Outreach

ZOE Mobile Outreach is designed to reach victims of human trafficking.

We go into areas where people are more vulnerable to being trafficked.

  • To build relationships and trust
  • To meet some basic needs
  • To share the love of Christ.

Ultimately, our hope is that over time, more victims, including children being sexually exploited, will be identified, rescued and brought to safety.

heart and arrow icon Restoration

Support for Survivors of Child Trafficking

ZOE provides resources, referral services, and trauma-informed activities to young survivors of trafficking.

ZOE assists victims and survivors of human trafficking as needed through court cases, trials, and investigations. We provide advocacy, support, safety, confidentiality, and local resources for ongoing help and services.

To report suspected human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888. Or to contact ZOE’s 24-7 hotline for questions and concerns in Los Angeles County, call 888-ZOE-CHIL(D).

USA East Coast News

Epic 3,000-Mile Race Finish is Second Place to Main Goal: Ending Child Trafficking

July 3, 2023

  Team ZOE International entered the Race Across America bicycle race on June 17 with thousands of training miles behind them. They expected grueling days, weather challenges and money to be rais

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  2. National Human Trafficking Hotline. (2018). Retrieved from: https://h Los Angeles is ZOE International’s central office, providing administrative and financial support for each of ZOE’s five