The Problem

  • Almost a third of human trafficking cases reported in the United States in 2018 were minors 1
  • In the US human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states.2
  • Of the 13 high-intensity areas identified by the FBI for child sex trafficking, three are located in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego metropolitan areas.3

Our Work in the USA

ZOE Los Angeles is ZOE International’s central office, fundraising & funneling finances to each of ZOE’s five branches.

Stop iconPrevention

ZOE Walks

Raising awareness about and funds for human trafficking through ZOE’s annual Rescue Walk.

ZOE Road of Justice Cycling Events

Raising awareness about and funds for human trafficking through annual ZOE cycling events and the Race Across America.

Human Trafficking Trainings and Presentations

Providing trainings and presentations about human trafficking to schools, churches, social workers, mental health workers, businesses, hotels, and community groups.

My Gen My Fight Program

Mobilizing our generation to raise awareness about and prevent human trafficking through clubs on high school and university campuses, events, and campaigns across the US.

Educational Resources

ZOE creates high-quality, educational brochures, videos, and other materials to educate the public about how to protect themselves and their communities from trafficking

hand on hand icon Rescue

Crisis Response

ZOE is contracted with Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services to provide 24-7 crisis response when law enforcement recovers a child from sex trafficking in the North Los Angeles County area, responding within 90 minutes of a call from a social worker. 

Human Trafficking Operations

In addition, when law enforcement conducts human trafficking operations in Los Angeles County, ZOE is on site to provide victim advocacy services to any child who is recovered from these operations. Upon recovery from trafficking, ZOE helps the child to return safely to their home, foster care, or an emergency shelter.

Victim Advocacy Services

ZOE then provides ongoing victim advocacy services for children and their families upon rescue from trafficking or when a social worker suspects a child is being trafficked or at risk of being trafficked.

To report suspected human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888. Or to contact ZOE’s 24-7 hotline for questions and concerns in Los Angeles County, call 888-ZOE-CHIL(D).

heart and arrow icon Restoration

ZOE Home for Youth

ZOE purchased 50 acres of land in North Los Angeles County and have built and developed a short-term residential therapeutic program (STRTP) for female youth who are survivors of trafficking in Los Angeles. This home provides trauma informed, holistic care to bring restoration and meet the physical, emotional, social, educational, vocational, and spiritual needs of the youth.

Support for Survivors of Child Trafficking

ZOE provides resources, referral services, and trauma informed activities to young survivors of trafficking who are in the care of Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services and Department of Probation.

Support for Parents of Child Trafficking Victims

ZOE provides a 10-week Parent Empowerment Program for parents of child trafficking victims to provide education, understanding, support, and resources for the families devastated by trafficking.

Human Trafficking Task Force Collaboration

East Coast – Providing leadership and oversight to Lancaster County Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Task Force in the areas of prevention/awareness, community relations and restorative programs for survivors rescued in Lancaster County, Pa.

West Coast – ZOE partners with human trafficking task forces, including law enforcement, government, and other community organization partners to assist in identifying victims, investigating suspected trafficking, recovering victims, and prosecuting traffickers.

Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force (LARHTTF)
Antelope Valley Human Trafficking Committee (AVHTC)
Santa Clarita Valley Human Trafficking Committee
San Gabriel Valley Human Trafficking Task Force
Compton Human Trafficking Task Force

USA News

ZOE Los Angeles First Quarter Update

March 21, 2022

ZOE Advocacy Program Thanks to you, our donors and partners, the children that ZOE serves in our Advocacy Program, and our ZOE Home for Youth experienced a wonderful Christmas, being reminded that the

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ZOE USA receives license to open ZOE Home for Youth in Los Angeles

September 17, 2021

We are so excited to have finally received our license to open the ZOE Home for Youth (ZHY). “From 2016, when we closed escrow and submitted our plans to receiving our license to open, God has been guiding us, answering prayers and performing miracles along the way,” said Vickie McCoy, ZHY Residential Manager.

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