Letter from our Founders, Michael & Carol Hart

December 2018

Dear ZOE Family, 

As we approach the end of 2018, we are so thankful and grateful for YOU! THANK YOU for standing with us to bring truth, justice, and mercy! Your generosity and prayers have made our successes possible. All these accomplishments have increased our monthly expenses. Please consider helping us at this crucial year-end time. But first, let us share what we have done so far:

2018 Expansion Snapshot


We have seen many more people come to Christ – well over 1000 people this year alone! We reached over 5,000 people through our human
trafficking prevention programs. We partnered with law enforcement officers from the USA who provided tactical training for elite TICAC officers who conduct rescue and who ZOE serves alongside. We are finding continued favor - ZOE received numerous awards from several government agencies. We rejoice that 135 children/youth survivors are flourishing and healing under our care. Many teens are healing and finding a new life in our new Child Rescue Center. But recently we could not accept any more children because we just don’t have enough staff to care for them all. Would you consider funding ZOE so we can hire more staff?

ZOE USA - Los Angeles

Phase One is underway! We received $3 million in full funding for our land, first children’s home and multi-purpose building to serve female child/youth trafficking survivors. We are ready to break ground any day now. ZOE is also working with LA County in the recovery of child/youth survivors and serving survivors and their families. We still need $1.6 million to complete Phase One. Please help us change the lives of American girls who have been trafficked.


We are seeing prevention opportunities continue to expand. ZOE is bringing anti-trafficking curriculum into more and more schools! We are so grateful to our Australian partners who have helped to fund our work globally. 


We have a new office and are beginning our work at the encouragement of the Mexican government, by developing an anti-trafficking prevention program for schools called V.I.D.A. The number of children that need our help is staggering.  Please consider funding our work so we can continue expanding in Mexico.


ZOE is continuing our effective work in bringing Jesus to the children of Japan. We have increased our anti-trafficking awareness in schools, churches and communities. 

God has done amazing things this year. The great opportunities we have experienced has caused the ministry to grow tremendously and our expenses have increased accordingly. We really could use your help right now. You may give to any of our projects, however our greatest need right now is for our partners to provide “where needed most”. We need a miraculous end of the year. 

With great love, joy, and gratitude! 

Michael and Carol Hart
Founders, CEO and President

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