Letter from our Founders, Michael & Carol Hart

Dear ZOE Partner,

At ZOE International, we have so much to be thankful for! We thank God for all of our partners - both new supporters and those who have fought alongside us for years. Thank you for your uncompromising compassion, mercy, and love as you stand with us in all we do to bring truth, justice, and mercy! Your generosity has helped make the following life-changing events possible.

ZOE Thailand

  • Hundreds of people have chosen to make Jesus the Lord of their lives. Cycles of generational abuse and addictions are being broken and whole families are experiencing joy and freedom!
  • We continue to locate safe biological family members of children we serve. We have helped reunite several children with their families - some after living at ZOE for short periods of time and some after living with us for years. Our children who have not been reunited with biological families also continue to heal as they move forward in the care of long-term restoration families at ZOE.
  • Our Ministry School and Leadership Training students continue to be passionately productive. They learn skills and gain knowledge they will take into the world they are responsible to make better with the one extraordinary life they have been given.
  • We finished constructing ZOE's new Child Rescue Center. We are filling it with needed equipment, furniture, and supplies. We will have a Grand Opening in February 2018. But the need for the center is immediate. Although it is not yet officially open, we have utilized the center for a few rescued children on an emergency basis. The children are doing very well. They are adjusting to their new surroundings and healing from the trauma they experienced.

May we ask you to please consider helping more than ever before? 
Will you give to "Where ZOE Needs Help Most?"

ZOE Los Angeles, USA 

  • We purchased 50 acres of land where we will build a home for young survivors of trafficking.
  • We have received partial funding to develop the land so we can begin building in 2018.  
  • We received full funding for our first specialized home for girls who have been trafficked for sex or labor.
  • We need funding to complete the remaining portions of Phase One of ZOE's Los Angeles campus. Serving young survivors of trafficking in the USA will be a big step in our process of discovering how to end the cycle of human trafficking in our nation.

May we ask you to please consider helping more than ever before? 
Will you give to "Where ZOE Needs Help Most?"

It is official. ZOE now has legal status in 2 new international locations. The demand for help is desperate and God has miraculously opened doors for us. 

ZOE Mexico 

Our Mexico office will be OPENING SOON! We will utilize the knowledge we have gained through our years of serving in Thailand. We will replicate that work as we serve alongside amazing nationals in Mexico! We will continue to learn and to discover long-term solutions so we can help end child trafficking globally!

ZOE Japan 

In Japan, we have expanded our work into the Anti-Child Trafficking arena! We are working with a national staff to serve children who have suffered at the hands of traffickers.

May we ask you to please consider helping more than ever before? 
Will you give to "Where ZOE Needs Help Most?"

Along with these amazing miracles, we have also encountered our most difficult year yet. 

Though we have received many generous donations for land and buildings, our monthly income has not kept pace with our growth. We have run a deficit almost every month of this year. We thank God that, in ZOE's 15 years of service, we have paid every bill we owed and have made every payment on time. We are asking God to bring much needed financial abundance by the end of this year. 

May we ask you to please consider helping more than ever before? 
Will you give to "Where ZOE Needs Help Most?"

The doors for effective ministry are opening up around the world. Would you please consider partnering with ZOE so we can seize the amazing opportunities before us? We have always been highly productive but, in 2018-2019, we anticipate dramatic growth and effectiveness - again because of YOU and your selfless generosity. We serve a God who truly loves people so we continue to take ground and move forward! 

We love you and we are extremely grateful for your generosity!

Michael and Carol Hart
Founders, CEO and President

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