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  • In 2018, almost a third of domestic human trafficking cases reported in the United States were minors.
  • In the US, human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states.
  • Of the 13 high-intensity areas identified by the FBI for child sex trafficking, three are located in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego metropolitan areas.

Every year, hundreds of minors are identified as being trafficking in Los Angeles County. ZOE International has worked in this community for many years, serving on several anti-human trafficking task forces; providing support and services for minors who’ve been trafficked; and studying domestic trafficking in the USA. We have completed many challenging steps in preparation of opening a specialized home where we can serve children in Los Angeles who have been trafficked. One critically important step in that process was finding the right property.  

No other time in history has there been more people enslaved than there are now. According to the California Child Welfare Council, thousands of children are coerced into providing sex for hire everyday, right here in our own nation.  Why build? We build because we must. We cannot stay silent while the unspeakable horror of human trafficking takes place all around us. It is our calling to create a place where those under the age of 18 can find healing and wholeness.   


  • ZOE Walks
    Raising awareness about and funds for human trafficking through ZOE’s annual Rescue Walk
  • Human Trafficking Trainings and Presentations
    Providing trainings and presentations about human trafficking to schools, churches, social workers, mental health workers, hotels, and community groups
  • My Gen My Fight Program
    Mobilizing students and community groups to raise awareness about and prevent human trafficking through clubs on high school and university campuses across the US.
  • Educational Resources
    ZOE creates high-quality, educational brochures, videos, and other materials to educate the public how to protect themselves and their communities.


  • Advocacy Services
    ZOE is contracted with Los Angeles County’s Department of Child and Family Services and Department of Probations to provide 24-7 victim advocacy services when first responders recover a child from human trafficking in the North and East Los Angeles County regions or when these departments refer children to ZOE for advocacy services if they have been identified as or are at risk of being trafficked.


  • ZOE Home for Youth
    ZOE has purchased 50 acres of land in North Los Angeles County and are currently building a short-term residential therapeutic program (STRTP) for female youth who have been trafficked in Los Angeles. This home will provide holistic care to bring restoration and meet the physical, emotional, social, educational, vocational, and spiritual needs of the youth through safe shelter, medical care, counseling, education, vocational skills, life skills, and support in transition to birth/foster families or independent living.
  • Support for Survivors of Child Trafficking
    ZOE provides resources, referral services, and trauma informed activities to young survivors of trafficking who are in the care of Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services and Department of Probation.




We are looking for financial supporters who would like to donate towards the needs of our first home in the USA.

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