ZOE is preventing children from human trafficking and exploitation by:

  • Educate every sector of society about human trafficking
  • Identify and train vulnerable children and communities
  • Equip local advocates in communities to provide protection
  • Pray, collaborate, and develop long-term solutions to end child trafficking
Slavery Still Exist sign hand writing on cardboard with person holding
Want to help prevent trafficking?

Awareness and Education

In the countries where ZOE operates, ZOE raises awareness and provides education and training about human trafficking to inform individuals and communities about risks that can make someone vulnerable to trafficking, how traffickers exploit others, ways to protect yourself and others, and God’s heart in the midst of it all.

“We want to inspire and equip groups of people to end human trafficking with us by giving them resources to do so––training community members across the globe to identify human trafficking and to empower them to help end it.” – Michael Hart, Co-Founder and CEO

Eliminating Vulnerability

Knowing that traffickers exploit the vulnerable, ZOE works to provide necessary food, education, resources, and training to families around the world.

Thai students during an assembly learning about prevention

Prevention Rescues

ZOE has developed a large network of local law enforcement, social workers, teachers, pastors, community leaders, former ZOE staff, and former ZOE Leadership Training students to be our “eyes and ears” to report possible trafficking cases. This network has been crucial to stopping human trafficking before it even occurs!

In addition to preventing children and youth from being trafficked, we are also rescuing them from traffickers.