ZOE rescues child victims of human trafficking and exploitation by:

  • Identifying victims of human trafficking and orphans in danger
  • Collaborating and assisting in rescue alongside Government and Law Enforcement
  • Protecting children that have been rescued
  • Assisting children with the prosecution process


ZOE is a member of anti-trafficking task forces and multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) in Thailand, USA, and Japan. These teams and task forces unite personnel from law enforcement, military, social welfare, legal services, and community agencies.

“We partner to provide safety and protection for children rescued from sex and labor trafficking, investigative support, translation between victims and government agencies, safe shelter, counseling, advocacy services, support in preparation for and through trial, and evidence for prosecution.” – Carol Hart, Co-Founder and President

Intervention Rescues

ZOE works alongside law enforcement and government and non-government agencies to rescue children. The support provided by ZOE is different in each country of operation and is based on the specific needs and requests from law enforcement officials.

ZOE may help gather evidence prior to a rescue, give assistance on a rescue operation, provide translation services, or help with child advocacy services once a child has been rescued.

In addition to rescuing children and youth from human trafficking, we are also bringing restoration to their lives.