RESTORE child trafficking survivors and at-risk orphans

  • Innovative restoration for spirit, soul, and body
  • Educational, vocational, transitional programs into adulthood
  • Provide and assist in finding safe, loving homes and families for survivors and at-risk orphans
  • Help train and restore families of survivors for reunification and repatriation

Healing begins here

When a rescued child is taken to ZOE, they begin their restoration journey. Children are placed in a safe home where they receive medical care, counseling, education, vocational training, and unconditional love.

Our Restoration Program

The goal of ZOE’s Restoration Program is to help to restore the lives of human trafficking survivors and help them heal from their past. ZOE’s holistic restoration programs support the development of children in the areas of their mind, their body, and their spirit by providing:

  • Secure facilities
  • Supportive and loving caregivers
  • Holistic restoration
  • Case management
  • Christian values
  • Trauma informed therapeutic activities
  • High quality academics
  • Vocational and life skills training
  • Transitional program for independent living

Vocational Skills Training

The ZOE Vocational Skills Programs provide opportunities for youth to discover their passions, explore career paths, and provide skills in high-demand fields. The programs of instruction we currently offer are Construction (metalwork, woodworking, electrical circuitry, and masonry), Automotive Mechanics (including small and diesel engines), Office Administration (basic computer skills, accounting/bookkeeping, and graphic/media arts), and Hospitality (cooking and baking, barista training, hotel management, and business principles). These four areas alone encompass over 50% of the occupations (i.e. by percentage of workforce by industry sector in Thailand in 2016) available to the students.

man welding a fence
woman pouring frothed milk into a cup of coffee
two men cutting tile
woman putting icing on a cupcake

Life Skills Training

Transitioning to adulthood and preparing to leave ZOE’s care can bring mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety for youth who have found stability and safety in our home. This is why ZOE begins supporting youth in their transition years before their 18th birthday, informally through a model of parenting and mentoring by our staff and formally through Life Skills training in banking, budgeting, job interviewing, cooking, navigating transportation, and more. Each of the classes are designed to equip our teens for independent living as they transition to work or further studies.

woman Zoe team member teaching a class
Women making cookies
three sowing machines
person with pencil in hand on a desk

Our Facilities in the USA

Children are referred to the ZOE Home for Youth  through Los Angeles County Departments of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or Probation. ZHY’s team works closely with the youth’s Child and Family Team (CFT)
to ensure needs are being met.

Our Facilities in Thailand

When we rescue a child from human traffickers, the child enters one of our safe houses. In these houses, child trafficking survivors receive short-term specialized care that involves restoration, counseling, medical care, acclimation, and witness protection.

In addition to bringing restoration to children and youth from being trafficked, we are also preventing them from being trafficked.