As our ZOE children are growing up, we realize the need for them to have a safe place to go once they are ready to leave the Children’s Home, but aren’t quite ready to be completely on their own. Young adults, no matter what country they live in, need to move from being dependent on their families to being independent and self-sufficient.

In Thailand, we have created a safe place, a Transitional Home, for these former ZOE children who are 18 years old or over. We walk alongside them, as they complete their high school education, vocational training, or university until they land a good job. We help them establish personal goals and keep them accountable to achieve them. The program continues until each young person’s individual milestone has been reached.

We have two student dorms, one for the young women and one for the young men, located in the city. Some of our missionary families are living on campus with these young adults, so they will continue feeling safe and secure until they are ready to start life on their own–well equipped, well educated and well loved.