Road of Justice FAQ

When is the Ride?

Saturday, April 20 – Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Where is the Ride?

Starts in Imperial Beach, California

Ends in Santa Barbara, California

Rider FAQs

Ride with GPS links coming soon!

What do I need to know to ride only 1 day?
You must arrive at the starting location no later than 6:30 AM.

What do I need to know to ride more than 1 day?
You must arrive at the starting location no later than 6:30 AM the day of your scheduled ride.

What does a typical day look like?
We will rise early, pack up our belongings, eat breakfast and get on the road. We will be on the road most of the day. We will stop for rest/water/food throughout the day. When we arrive to our destination, we will check in to our hotel, shower and eat dinner and prepare for bed.

Tentative schedule:
5:00-6:00 am – Wake up
6:30-6:45 am – Finish breakfast
7:00-8:00 am – Depart
8:00 am – 12:00 pm – Cycling with several rest stops
12:00 pm – Lunch stop
12:00 pm – 4:00/5:00 pm – Cycling with several rest stops
5:00 pm – Arrive to hotel/check in/shower
6:30 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Relax/Bedtime

How often will we stop?
We plan on stopping every 10-15 miles for rest, water and a snack break.

Every inch of your route is pre-planned using the most scenic and safest route possible.

What is a SAG vehicle?
The SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle carries your luggage, supplies, gear, safety cones, banners, medical supplies, maintenance equipment (tires, tubes, spare parts), food, water, etc.
In the event that you are tired, or have a mechanical breakdown that cannot be fixed, you can hop in the SAG vehicle for the rest of the day.

How far will we travel each day?
Between 65 and 85 miles. But no worries…we take many breaks. The complete itinerary is to be determined.

When do I need to arrive at the location to Ride?
It is best to arrive at the hotel the day/night before your scheduled ride, to allow time to rest and settle in before riding the following day. The hotel cost on the day/night before your ride would be an out of pocket expense to you.

Can I carpool with other riders/support team to and from the starting and ending locations of my scheduled Ride?
EMAIL US with transportation concerns. We may have other riders/support joining from your location.

Will we ride together in one group?
As much as possible, we will stay in a group; however if you are a slower rider, we will adjust our riding pace so you are able to meet us at the next rest stop. If your pace will not allow us to reach our destination in time, we may ask you to jump on the support vehicle to finish out the day.

Where will we be staying?
Hotels. Although most bike trips consist of camping and lodging in churches and schools, we chose to stay in hotels. We want to ensure everyone will get a great night of rest, in a clean comfortable room, to prepare for the next day of riding.

Prefer to stay in a room by yourself?
If there is availability at the time of your request, we will reserve a single lodging room at additional cost to you.

Beginning with breakfast on your first riding day to lunch on your last riding day, your meals and snacks are provided and preplanned. Dinner is on your own and at your own expense. If you have food allergies, please advise our team immediately.

Am I required to bring my own gel packs, power bars and snacks?

Will we be stopping at a restaurant for lunch?
No. Our support team will provide lunch on the road each day.

Where will we eat?
Breakfast at the hotel, lunch provided by the support team, and dinner will be on your own at the hotel or nearby restaurant.

What will we eat?
Breakfast at the hotel usually continental style: Coffee, tea, orange juice, yogurt, cereal, toast, fruit. When available, eggs, pancakes, waffles and breakfast meat.
Lunches will be provided picnic style: bread, sandwich meats, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, potato chips, fruit, cookies, and granola bars.

What is included in the trip?
A Road of Justice Cycling Jersey, all route preplanning and scouting, breakfast and lunch, lodging (beginning from the night after your first day riding until the night before last day on the road), SAG vehicle, support team, and ride insurance.

Where does my fundraising money go?
100% of donations received go directly to ZOE International. Your lodging, food and snacks are provided by our generous Corporate Sponsors and volunteers.

How do my supporters send money to support me?
Checks should be mailed to:
ZOE International
P.O. Box 221510
Santa Clarita, CA 91322
Memo: (your name) – ROJ Rider

Donations can also be received online at the Rider’s individual fundraising pages: Rider’s pages

-It’s the rider’s responsibility to get you, your bike and your gear to the start of your first day of the ride and to get yourself home after your last day of the ride.

-We ask that the riders come physically prepared to ride. However, if you are too tired or an injury occurs, you are welcome to finish the day in the support vehicle.

-Please ensure your bike is tuned up and in great working order. If a breakdown occurs, we will attempt to fix minor issues or attempt to get your bike to the nearest bike shop.

-Please bring 1 spare tire and 2 spare tubes that fit your bike.

-We ask that you bring 1 small suitcase to conserve space on our SAG vehicle.

-If you are riding the full 4 days, you may want to purchase 2 ROJ jerseys but this is not required. It is required that you wear an ROJ jersey during your scheduled Ride. 1 Jersey is included at registration.

-Bring laundry detergent to wash your clothing at most hotels (or purchase detergent there).

-Form of ID (driver’s license or passport)

-Spending money (souvenirs or other activities/items desired during the Ride)

-Bring at least 1 spare tire and 2 spare tubes.



-Helmets are required.

-All riders must wear an official ROJ jersey while riding with the team.

-Sun/thermal arm sleeves are great for hot/cold days.

-Rain gear – this is a rain or shine event.

-Be prepared for all weather temperatures.

-You may sometimes ride in rain and you will experience headwinds (and tailwinds) during all trips. It may get very hot, very cold, extremely dry, and humid all on the same portion of your Ride.

-In the event of bad weather, dangerous lightning, road construction or other conditions beyond our control, we may need to postpone, shorten, or cancel a day with little notice. We will do our best to advise all riders ahead of time of any Ride changes due to weather. Please stay flexible. We may wait out the rain, shuttle the team in the support vehicle, or reroute.

-Road surfaces and shoulder widths vary along the routes. We selected our routes to avoid high traffic, although at times that is not possible. You may also experience gravel roads on occasion.

Our photographers and drone may capture you in their photos/footage. By signing up for this Ride, you have agreed to be included in any social media posts associated with the ROJ Ride.

If you take your own photos, we ask that you be respectful of what is posted while you are riding with the team.

What do I do in the event of an emergency?
The SAG vehicle will carry first aid supplies. If immediate medical attention is needed, the SAG team will call an ambulance or take you to a nearby hospital. We will call your emergency contact if needed.

It is helpful to bring medication you prefer. The SAG vehicle will provide a basic medical kit with Advil and Ibuprofen included.

In the event the emergency causes you to leave in the middle of your trip, you would be responsible for covering the costs of your transportation home from that location. Due to our 501(c)(3) status, we cannot refund any money you have raised, and we cannot apply your fundraising amounts to a future trip or to another rider.