Give the Gift of Hope this Christmas

Road of Justice Fundraising Resources

Thank you for joining us on the Road of Justice to help ZOE International in the fight to end child trafficking.  As a cyclist, you are making a difference!  The funds you raise go directly to our efforts to combat this atrocity on three fronts: prevention, rescue, and restoration. We want to help you reach your personal and/or team fundraising goals by providing a few fundraising tips to help you.

 Tips for Fantastic Fundraising:

  1. Set a fundraising goal and share it. Let friends and family know your goal so they can help you reach it!
  2. Make the first contribution to yourself. Kick start your fundraising and show supporters that you are personally committed.
  3. Personalize your message. Your supporters want to hear why you care about fighting to end child trafficking — and how they can help. We have a template for your fundraising pages, emails, and other materials, but your words, photos, and story will make your message more inspiring.
  4. Identify your networks of support. Brainstorm people and groups who you know. Your network is bigger than you realize. Take time to map out your connections and consider who to reach out to and how, whether through email, social media, or mail. Start by thinking about:
    • Friends and family
    • Current/ former colleagues and classmates
    • Your professional, volunteer or spiritual networks
    • Your social, hobby or recreational groups
    • Be sure to think outside of your direct connections. There are many people who want to be a part of end child trafficking when they hear of it and they just need an avenue through which they can help.  You can be that avenue.
  1. Keep your donors engaged. Update your supporters on your efforts via email, social media, and regular communication — and ask them to help spread the word. Let them know how your fundraising and training is going and when you hit milestones!
  2. Follow up on donation asks. Now more than ever, the volume of email and social media communication can be overwhelming, and you may have trouble reaching your supporters. Remember that people often intend to donate, but then forget to follow through. It’s okay to remind them! Most donations come in within two weeks of the event date.
  3. Emphasize the impact of donor support. Help educate your donors on how their dollars and your efforts are making a difference for children in need of hope and restoration around the world. Gather information from our website at, watch videos on our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook at
  4. Utilize matching gift opportunities.  Encourage your supporters to explore their employer’s matching gift programs. Many corporations will match their employee’s donations to an accredited charitable organization. It’s an easy way to double, or even triple, the impact of a personal contribution. Find out if a company will match employee gifts.
  5. Say “thank you.”   Take the time to express your gratitude in a meaningful way. Make your supporters feel a part of your efforts. For example, send a personal thank you note or email to everyone who donates. Make sure to send a final update with your fundraising totals to share your gratitude.