November 2, 2019

Registration: 6:00am
Walk starts: 7:00 am

Mililani High School Track
95-1200 Meheula Pkwy.
Mililani, HI 96789


  1. See if a team has already been created in your city by looking at the list above
  2. If a team has not been started in your city, email Betsy ( to let her know you would like to host a ZOE Walk in your city
  3. Step 1 – REGISTER
  4. Step 2 –  CREATE A TEAM/CREATE A FUNDRAISING PAGE (TIP – Use your city as a part of your team name.  This will help others find your team easier)
  5. Find a location in your city to host your ZOE Walk, perhaps a local park or college campus
  6. Check to see if your location requires any permits that you might need to get before organizing the event
  7. Once you obtain the permits that are needed, contact Betsy with your Walk details so that we can add it to our website
  8. Promote the Walk with your friends and family and have them join your team (having them join your team is critical!)
  9. Share about your Walk using social media and word of mouth (additional resources can be found in the Walkers Tool Kit )
  10. Contact local newspapers and television stations to help raise awareness about your event
  11. Assign a photographer to the event and also encourage participants to take photos for social media
  12. Send your best images to 

Tell us how your Walk went!  We would love to hear.

**We will be in touch with you to coordinate delivery of shirts and bracelets for all registered participants**

Questions? Need promotional material sent to you digitally?