Michael & Carol Hart
Chief Executive Officer & President

Dave Cox

Dave Cox
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Jason Plunkett
Western USA Regional Director

Brad Ortenzi
Eastern USA Regional Director

Ester Yu
Assistant Western USA Regional Director

Lori Ortenzi
Part-time Eastern Regional Coordinator

Karen Miyamoto

Karen Miyamoto
Donor Relations

Vickie McCoy

Vickie McCoy
Residential Manager

Betsy Meenk

Betsy Meenk Alviani
Missions Manager

Dr. Rhonda Petrini
Education Manager

Liz Mackie

Liz Mackie
Financial Analyst

Communications and Advocacy


  • Michael Hart | CEO, ZOE International
  • Carol Hart | President, ZOE International
  • Les Ginoza | Vice President,  ZOE International
  • Todd Powers | President, Empower International
  • Keith Hershey | President Mutual Faith Ministries International
  • Stanley Date | Human Resources Partner, IBM (retired)
  • Kiha Pimental | Church Health Coach at ICFG