Due to the current Covid restrictions, ZOE has limited volunteer opportunities available.

If you are interested in volunteering in the near future, once the Covid restrictions have been lifted, please fill out the following form and a ZOE representative will be in contact with you.

We value and appreciate our network of volunteers who keep ZOE’s administration costs at a minimum and more money going directly to our kids!

Where & When Can I Help?

Most volunteer opportunities occur in our Santa Clarita office.

If you have additional questions about volunteering at ZOE, please email volunteer@goZOE.org.

What Are Some Needs?

Below are some of the projects our volunteers might do:

  • Helping with office mailings by stamping, folding, and sealing newsletters and other mailers.
  • Research projects such as slavery, human trafficking, and government laws.
  • Administrative projects like event assistance, proofreading, creating spreadsheets, and general office work.